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What kind of 'punishment' has your school got?

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ElinElin Thu 11-Oct-12 23:16:17

Just wondering what system your school has for punishing bad behaviour or encouraging good behaviour? In dd school they have green yellow red cards. So yellow is a warning first time they do something and red if they do it again or If they do something really bad the first time. I think it's a good system and seems to work quite well. Dd is usually a good girl and does not often get into trouble. On some occasions she has been told not to chat when they are not meant to that's about it. She got a yellow card today and was unclear as to why she had got it. I am all for the cards and if my dd didn't follow rules I would want her to get a card but I also want her to know why she got it. It sort of defeats the purpose if you don't tell the child what they have done wrong . Do you agree? Of course it could just be a misunderstanding but do you think it's reasonable to mention to teacher that if dd gets a card/ has done something wrong I want them to be clear to her what she has done ...

DeWe Fri 12-Oct-12 09:38:29

Dd2 used to tell me she didn't know why she'd got one. Actually she did, she didn't want to tell me.

Once she'd worked out that I didn't go up the wall because she'd got one, she was happy to tell me. Then we'd discuss what she should have done.

ElinElin Fri 12-Oct-12 10:42:26

My dd does tell me when she gets one. It has happend once before in Y2 and happend twice in Year 1. For things such as not sitting down on time and for talking. Last time she got one and she knew she got it for chatting. She told me and she was sorry. I always make sure she knows that I prefer her to tell me and then we talk about it. So I do believe she is being honest. Like I said it could be a misunderstanding. Maybe the TA told her but she misunderstood or didn't understand. I have told dd as well that if she is not sure why then she should ask the teacher.

peacypops Fri 12-Oct-12 11:11:05

My dd's class (reception) uses a traffic light system. There is a chart on the wall with red,amber and green 'lights' and all the childrens' pictures start off each day next to the green light. If a child misbehaves then their picture is moved to the amber light. If they misbehave for a second time they move on to red. I think it is quite a good idea - and what I like the most is that each day everyone starts on green.

rrbrigi Fri 12-Oct-12 12:15:41

In my DS Reception class they have four groups (super star, ready to learn, break the rules and time out). Everybody start on the "ready to learn" and I like it because they have the possibility to move up and not just down. So if the child does not do anything bad, he or she can stay on the "ready to learn", but if they do something good (e.g.: cleaning the table without ask them) they can move up to "super star" group. The teacher put back everybody into the "ready to learn" group every Monday morning (at least that is what my son told to me). My son already found out that he needs to do only 1 little thing a week to move up, so he cleans a table once a week without asking him and the teacher moves him up. This happened twice. I wonder when the teacher will realize that my son is "cheating" a bit. I am not sure if the teacher puts back everybody to the "ready to learn" group once a week or every day. Probably I will ask her in the parents evening.

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