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Anyone else have a child like this?

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Needingthework Thu 11-Oct-12 18:21:53

DS2, YR3: Very clever, according to school, but is not demonstrating it enough, also according to them.

Was in a small group for literacy last year for two terms because of these issues (not focused, not getting enough down on paper, even though the teachers knew he had understood the task, as he could repeat to them what was required of him). Once he came out he was ahead of the class (teacher feedback).

He has now been put into a small group for maths, due to focussing issues. Again, at home and at school, we/they know he knows the work and can do it, but cannot seem to produce the same level of work at school.

The school have been great in trying to help him, but I was wondering if there was anything DH and me could do to help him focus.

Also, I was beginning to wonder if there could be a specific reason for his focus: he walked and spoke later, had very poor handwriting for a long time, etc. Or maybe I am overthinking...

Anyway, those who got to the end of this op, thanks, and I would appreciate any ideas smile

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