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WWYD - Another child spitting at DS

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travellingtime Wed 10-Oct-12 12:22:40

DS is in Yr1, happy with school, teachers etc, never had any issues to date.
However, he told me the other day that one of his friends (prob his BF actually) spat at him whilst they were having carpet time.
I probed for why it had happened, back story, provocation etc but he didnt have much to say about it.
I asked if he told a teacher, he said he tried to but teacher was too busy...obviously I asked what she was doing that she was so busy she couldnt be interrupted - he said she was on the computer.
I dont know whether it's worth trying to talk to the teacher or just let it go.
No prior experience of this kidn of thing, so I really am clueless.

FolkGhoul Wed 10-Oct-12 12:38:08

Speak to the teacher.

Definitely. Spitting is disgusting and it would be very demeaning for your son.

If I was your son's teacher, I would want to know. smile

She might not have been "so busy she couldn't be interrupted". But she might have been using/at the computer and your son perceived that she was too busy. Or she might have been in the middle of something and just not able to stop immediately.

The fact is, the teacher wouldn't just brush this off. Spitting is something I wouldn't tolerate in my classroom.

travellingtime Wed 10-Oct-12 13:00:00

thanks, that was my gut instinct but when i discussed with DH last night, he seemed to think that as it was after the event (happened on Monday) it wasnt worth mentioning. i only drop off on Fridays

FolkGhoul Wed 10-Oct-12 13:04:05

Well you can only ever mention anything after the event.

And teachers know that children don't tell their parents straight away.

And that parents agonise over whether to mention it...

I think it would be fine to mention it on Friday. She wouldn't really be able to tackle the child concerned about it that far after the event, but she would be able to talk to your son and reassure him that it's ok to tell her if that happens again.

Or she might do a 'circle time' on manners and being kind in which it could be addressed.

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