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Pre-school and Broken Leg

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mum2chalkandcheese Mon 08-Oct-12 13:52:30

Just after some advice on pre-schools accepting children with a broken leg.

DS broke his leg last week. He's in a half cast until next Tuesday when he'll have a full cast on (toes to above knee). Wouldn't sent him to pre-school or nursery right now as I'm worried about other children knocking it etc. However, I believe once he has the full cast he'll eventually be weight-bearing and so less of a risk. Nursery are looking into it and school didn't really give an opinion so not sure what is acceptable to ask of them (they're a bit useless at this sort of thing and quite happy to say "ooh, not sure about that" and put me off). At the moment we have to carry him everywhere so I wouldn't want someone else to have that burden but surely once he can hobble around he can go?

Anyone with a similar experience or any teachers who have policies on this. Would like to be armed with some knowledge before I start asking school again as otherwise feel they'll fob me off and tell him to stay at home.

sparkle12mar08 Mon 08-Oct-12 13:58:11

I doubt they'll be insured to have him on the premises to be honest. I know it's a pain having to be home especially if you work, but I can't see what else you can do.

FloJo151 Mon 08-Oct-12 14:04:53

one of our girls at our preschool has just come out of her cast. It was one of the leaders daughters so for the first week of full cast she just came in when leader worked and the 2nd week girl came in on 1 other day and then the next week was back in all the days she normally did. tyo be honest we had no problem with it as by that 2nd week she was hobbling around as she wanted to keep up and play with her friends!!
It prob depends on the preschool though.

feetheart Mon 08-Oct-12 14:26:02

DS's pre-school were fantastic when he broke his leg and had him back as soon as he was ready - he had 1 week off when he first broke it then it was half-term but after that he was back as normal (3 mornings a week)
He had a tiny zimmer frame that he used a bit but preferred to 'sliver like a snake' and was much safer doing so smile
He needed a little bit of help getting to the toilet (actually getting there and then getting up onto the toilet as the cast was heavy and awkward) and I think they carried him when they went outside (he was 3.6) but other than that they included him in everything they did.
He didn't confidently weight-bear until he was in the below the leg cast, then there was no stopping him!
Don't know about policies and from the sound of it you may need to be brazen/positive/assertive with them in a 'he will be back in on X date' and don't give them an option.
They must have policies for children with disabilities, your DS just has a temporary disability and they need to deal with it.

In all of this take care of yourself - you will be doing a lot more physical work and emotionally I found it amazingly hard to deal with my DS in pain.
PM me if you have any questions at all.

Have you got one of these yet? If not I have one spare which you are more than welcome to have - DS is nearly 7 now and it won't fit when if he breaks anything again.

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