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Please tell me about Fox school (Kensington & Chelsea)?

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cinnamonbun Sat 06-Oct-12 22:18:00

DD is due to start reception next year and DH and I are considering Fox school. We would have to move though as we're not even in the same borough and I know it's impossible to get in unless you live really close. So I'm really keen to hear from parents of children who go there if you think it'd be worth all the hassle and extra cost (at the moment we're paying about half what we'd pay for a 2-bed near the school). Are your kids happy there? What's the atmosphere like? What are the teachers & headmaster like etc? Thank you!

KingscoteStaff Sun 07-Oct-12 13:58:41

Fantastic school - amazing results and small class sizes as they are 'officially' a 1 1/2 class entry, but teach in 2 classes of 22/23.

However, once looked after children and siblings had been given places, the catchment area was about 600m last year.

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