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Can anyone please help with a Brain Builders numberline subtraction homework?

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TheHouseofMirth Sat 06-Oct-12 09:17:27

DS is in Year 3 and has just started Brainbuilders. The first sheet has come home and the maths is to demonstrate through working how to take away. Idea 1 is start at 10 and take away 1 then 2 until you get to 10-10. Idea 2 is show how you would work out a 1 digit take away from a 2 digit number -do three sums to prove the numberline method works. Ideas 3 is the same with a 2 digit number taken away from another 2 digit number.

We have been given no information on number lines at all, though having had a Google I think I understand this. We have been given minimal information on Brainbuilders but it is my understanding that DS is meant to do something creative rather than just doing sums on a number line. Is this correct and if so, what on earth could he do? I know BB is meant to be child-led but DS does need a fair amount of adult help with his homework and to keep him motivated I am also very keen to make this enjoyable for him.

Can anyone please help?

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