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Wwyd? Ds being bit and hit at school but....

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BeaWheesht Thu 04-Oct-12 22:29:13

He doesn't seem bothered?!

He was upset a few weeks ago - turned out he was being left out and had been punched etc. spoke to teacher who dealt with it and he's been much happier since.

However , he regularly tells me that boys x or y have hit him / or someone else and today boy x but him - no mark left - he told teacher blah blah blah. He is NOT bothered.

Should I do something or just accept it as rough and tumble? I'm ok to as ds isn't bothered but feel maybe I'm being a shit parent!!! I'm aware I'm only getting one side of the story though and ds is well briefed regularly on treatin others as you want to b treated / don't whine about every little thing etc


BeaWheesht Thu 04-Oct-12 22:29:27

He's 5 btw

BertramBertram Thu 04-Oct-12 22:38:54

Have a chat with the teacher. If there is any bullying going on, they need to be aware for your DS to be helped. If he is telling the teacher, the teacher should already have a plan in place for dealing with.

Just be wary of how you approach the teacher. They may get defensive if they think you are saying your DS is telling them something and they are not taking notice!

If he seems happier & genuinely isn't bothered, it might not quite be how you have interpreted it. Hopefully it is just a boys game that he's not explaining well - DS1 gave me a bit of a scare in Reception describing his play as we I hadn't discovered Ben10. I was a bit confused when he kept telling me this boy kept blowing him (now know its big chill!)

BeaWheesht Thu 04-Oct-12 22:43:34

Thanks. I know two other boys have been very upset by boy x and y too..... Ds genuinely doesn't like them BUT I'm not sure he doesn't quite like telling on them iykwim?!

BertramBertram Fri 05-Oct-12 12:22:25

If X and Y are thr trouble makers in the class then the teacher will be aware of it (lots of kids this age like telling tale). A friend's son (who was a bit of a handful at the time) got blamed by the whole calss for something that happened... He was off that day!!

I would have a word with the teacher to put your mind at rest that either they are aware and it's being dealt or that they will have to come up with a plan because you've made them aware.

Is your DS in reception or Y1? If its reception it could just be x and y getting used to the new environment and it will settle down. Not excusing them, but the teacher will be working with them to accept the school's boundaries.

DS2 is probably considered to be x or y in his class at the moment. He didn't go to the pre-school so is trying to work out his place in the group. He has also always been rough and tumble with his older brother. Spoke to his teacher last night and he is calming down & turning a corner. DS2 teacher is really good and has several boys like DS2 who all seem to be settling down now. I always follow up with teacher when I'm picking up and reinforce at home which may be a difference.

Hopefully your DS will find a group that fits him.

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