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Accelerated Reading Scheme

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clux73 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:16:39


Just wondered if anyone knows anything about the Accelerated Reading Scheme please? My y3 daughter has come home with her first book in this scheme and it's like something she was reading about a year ago. Says inside that it's book level 2.6, and 0.5 points. I have no idea what that means as we haven't been given any information about it. My daughter says once she's read the book she has to answer a few questions on the computer about it and then she gets a new book.

Has anyone got any experience of this scheme?


TheHappyCamper Thu 04-Oct-12 18:27:47

Hi, We have accelerated reader at my school, although we are secondary. It has a very good proven track record of improving reading ages and getting children to read more.

Basically, your dd has taken a test and now has a reading age. From this reading age she can choose books within her range (all the books in the library will now be labelled with a number).

It looks like her range is probably (2.6 - 3.?). When she finishes her book, she will take a short test and if she does well she may move up and chose a harder book. If she gets lots wrong, she'll stay on the same range of books.

It is proving quite interesting at my school, because some children who are prolific readers are getting lots wrong on the tests, indicating they are reading quickly but not really understanding what they have read.

clux73 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:51:57

Thankyou Happy Camper, that's very helpful. Glad to hear its a good scheme.

Just slightly surprised at how many pictures the book has when she's been reading chapter books for ages and her teacher has always said she has very good comprehension!

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