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Is there hope?

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Cheecheemoniey Thu 04-Oct-12 10:22:46

Just found out my dd is 2nd on waiting list for reception at our catchment school with two year groups (60 kids).

She is in nursery at the moment and can stay there until July, but am feeling sick with worry and wonder what others think our chances are of getting in this school year?

We do have a few service families living in area so we can only hope that a couple of families move.

Any hopeful comments as it's making me sick with worry. The only other school which has places (obviously) is not good at all, and so wouldn't consider it.

Thanks from a very anxious mummy!

redskyatnight Thu 04-Oct-12 11:07:12

I would try to put it out of your mind for now. DD is fine where she is, and there is not a lot you can do. If she's still on the waiting list (say) next Easter, you can start worrying about a plan B, but for the moment you really can't do anything.

In terms of likelihood, it really depends on the school and the area. 6 children moved out his school (from 60 in year) in DS's Reception year, and 8 during DD's Reception year. However at a school a couple of miles away practically no one moves out between YR and Y6. IF you spoke to the school they might be able to give you an idea of what's happened in recent years.

Also, not to make you worry more, to be aware that your DD can move down the waiting list if "higher priority" children move into the area.

Cheecheemonkey Thu 04-Oct-12 11:16:52

Thanks. Yes, I realise dd could move down the list, and also that we have to reapply if no place by next May. We will try in the meantime to ensure everything is being covered educationally. The nursery have been great about supporting dd and obtaining relevant resources to match what is happening in reception. Dd is happy being there, and so as you say I must try to put it out of my head as there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

All really hard though as I'm a born worrier unfortunately. Can't stop feeling sick all the time.

CaptainFlack Thu 04-Oct-12 12:08:22

Hello, we are in a similar situation to you, with DD on waiting list for DS school. We have been back and forth with the council and the school to make sure that everyone knew where the other stood (school was lax about informing council when a place came up but DD had just slipped to number 2 on list grrr ). BUT we decided last week to go and visit the 'less desirable' catchment school (on large council estate) where she has a place which we had deferred until half term.

We really liked it, it has just got an Ofsted 'good' report, happily engaged kids, passionate staff, loads of lovely outdoor space, so she started today. She was THRILLED and so proud of her uniform etc. Not suggesting this is right for you, as you have a nursery spot already (we have just moved from abroad so no nursery spaces) but just wanted to say that things sometimes work out way different to how you may plan it and it can still work out well for the family. It Will be a logistical challenge for us for a while, DD is still on list for the other school and will get in eventually no doubt, if she still wants to go there! It has taken such a weight off my mind now, and I feel brave and in control rather than the opposite for the past few weeks. Plus the silence is pretty golden in the house right now!

Try not to worry, especially not to the point of making yourself bad, accept the situation, it is was it is, can't change it, so roll with it if you can, your DD will be fine. I am sure you will get the phone call one day, and it will be great when you do, in the meantime enjoy your days with your DD, this situation won't affect her future in life! Don't forget that we are the only crazy country to send our kids to school at 4 LOL!

Wishing you all the very best! keep us posted!

Cheecheemonkey Thu 04-Oct-12 12:45:38

Thanks Captain. Yes, you are right that if we lived elsewhere in the world they'd be at home/nursery for another 2 or more years. As dh said, it isn't going to affect her forever and a place will come up at some point, surely. Dd is quite ok at nursery, gaining confidence etc., until next July if need be. Fingers crossed, please God, by then hopefully a couple of families will have moved or swapped schools. I just feel so damned angry with myself that we're in this position. Not the start I wanted for dd.

Interesting what you said about school and LEA not communicating. I shall call the school to confirm they have correct details about dd's position in list.


Cheecheemonkey Tue 09-Oct-12 17:59:32

Thought I'd update everyone who kindly answered my first post.

I heard today that we have a place at our chosen primary school for reception. We are so relieved and very, very happy. We never thought a place would come up this quickly, so it does go to show that children leave all the time.

We are celebrating tonight. Dd starts on Monday!

Thanks to you all for your support.

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