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Wide fitting plimsoles

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UdderlyBanal Wed 03-Oct-12 19:23:04

DS2 needs an 8.5H plimsole. The G hurt his feet. The 9 is too big and no good for running. We have tried Clarks (width fitting), M&S, Asda, Startrite, all the random hand-me downs we had. He can't get his feet in.

I can't find anything by googling, or any useful answers for me on here. Apart from "buy geox". Erm, no thank you. He's 6 and doesn't need another pair of £35 shoes on top of school shoes and home shoes!

Any ideas?

Indith Wed 03-Oct-12 19:30:39

I've given up grin

He wears trainers which he keeps in his school bag not his PE bag so they come home every day and can be worn for other things as I have no intention of buying 2 pairs of trainers. Last year he had one from Sainsbury's which fitted.

RaisinBoys Wed 03-Oct-12 22:43:44

My DS is an H fit. He could always fit in these

Obviously won't be seen dead in them now in Y5!

CandiceMariePratt Wed 03-Oct-12 22:45:38

I got dd some from Matalan for her wide feet and they are very roomy, might be worth a look.

RaisinBoys Wed 03-Oct-12 22:46:54

Oh and he was always inbetween sizes - we went up and they were fine. Had them every year from rec to Y4

UdderlyBanal Thu 04-Oct-12 13:15:38


Already tried John Lewis, forgot to mention that!

Matalan miles away but might try to face it at the weekend/

Megan74 Thu 04-Oct-12 19:05:13

My son is an H fit and wears the M and S ones with the velcro. I thnk you may tried that though.

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