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Should I speak to DD teacher (reception)

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Stokey38 Wed 03-Oct-12 17:24:24

DD started school a few weeks ago now and so far she has loved it, no tears, made a couple of friends, loves her teacher and generally all very good. When she got home today she mentioned very much in passing that an older girl (6) had said some 'meanie' things to her and her friend and hit her and ran off. She wasn't upset about and when I asked her if she was upset or scared she said no and just didn't ever want to see the girl again. Now, this may be nothing but I am feeling all a bit weird over it and wondered if I should mention it to her teacher tomorrow? Any help would be lovely. Thank you.

combinearvester Wed 03-Oct-12 17:35:00

If DD is not bothered I wouldn't.

There are going to be situations at school where other children are horrible to them (and they are horrible to other children).

You need to teach DD how to handle this to a certain extent (role play 'don't hit me you cow--' I don't like it, what situations DD should get an adult to help etc.)

Unless it amounts to a course of harmful / intimidating conduct by one person / group i.e bullying, I would leave it.

bowerbird Wed 03-Oct-12 17:39:30

Stokey I honestly think this is part of letting go. There will be playground meanness, and pettiness. There might even be the odd hit. However, I think this is all stuff that your DD has to deal with on her own, independently. It's an essential skill that she's learning to deal with difficult people. She wasn't upset or hurt. Leave her to it. She's moving on. Sounds like a terrific resilient kid!

The exceptions I would make to this rule are systematic emotional bullying (very uncommon in younger children - tends to happen much later and usually has some online/cyber aspect to it) or serious physical intentional hurt. In those cases I'd act.

Stokey38 Wed 03-Oct-12 17:45:34

Okay, I feel a lot calmer now. I just hate to think of anyone being horrible to her, although I know she can be a bit of a madam too at times! I spoke to DP and he said the same thing as you. She can definitely hold her own and she knows to speak to an adult at school if there is anything that is really upsetting her. Sounds like her and her friend just went back to playing dinosaurs afterwards so she didn't sound like she was very bothered. Just me!

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