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Dd (Y2) told by TA she shouldn't cry at school

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Happygirl77 Wed 03-Oct-12 17:19:56

My dd1 (6) is in a mixed Y1/2 class and today they were doing drawings of each other. Dd1 has always had blonde hair though it is darker now than it used to be (I would still say dark blonde though some say light brown). This is relevant! Dd1 was cross that her partner drew her with brown her (no yellow bits) at which point the TA insisted that she does have brown hair. Dd1 burst into tears (she and dd2 and ds have always had blond hair and green eyes like daddy so to be told her hair wasn't blonde was a source of great distress for her!) The TA told her to stop being silly and that now she is in Year 2, she shouldn't cry at school.

This is the concerning bit for me. I don't want dd1 feeling that she can't explore her emotions or express her feelings at school. I certainly don't want her repressing what she feels. To be honest, I'm disappointed that the TA (usually very sensitive) didn't ask why dd1 was so upset at being told her hair was brown instead of telling her she was being silly and she shouldn't be silly!

Am I being PFB? Dd1 has SEN and struggles a bit (also an August bday). First post so please be gentle!

was told by the TA today that, "You're in Year 2 now, you shouldn't cry at school".

Pinot Fri 05-Oct-12 09:34:06

I am <ahem> amazed that a TA would offer a card with sorry written in it. It's far outside the remit of normal school policy. Deeply inappropriate too.

BieneMaja Fri 05-Oct-12 09:49:34

The TA probably wouldn't have understood why your DD was crying (i.e the loss of identity with her dad [hmmm]), and possibly thought she was just being a bit vain. I can understand it to an extent, as my DD has always had blond hair which is now getting darker and she is completely in denial about it!

My DD is also very emotional and I do tell her not to be silly and not to cry about everything now that she is 6. I don't really see any harm in it.

Obviously the SEN could be relevant here though and presumably the TA knows about them.

I would just move on from it TBH...

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