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Anyone moved from private to state schools?

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smilesandsun Wed 03-Oct-12 06:15:01


I've a chance to move to a good state school from an private school for ds (year 3), and am just wondering if there are any positive experiences of this.


talkingnonsense Wed 03-Oct-12 06:58:38

Yes, did ds1 the world of good, hard to tell with ds 2. Probably depends why you are moving though?

smilesandsun Wed 03-Oct-12 07:16:57

moving as we aren't getting much support in the private school, ds has mild dyslexia and the state school appears to be very supportive and focused on literacy.

notsoperfect33 Wed 03-Oct-12 10:10:31

We are in the process of doing the same - trying to find a school for our 2 Dcs Y3 and reception. Would be interested to hear how you get on. Good luck

FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Wed 03-Oct-12 10:15:45

I moved from prep to state primary at the age of 9 and it was disastrous for me. I spent so many years repeating things I'd done at prep school (until I was about 13) that by the time it came to start paying attention I had become very lazy, and as a result didn't perform as well as I could have in my exams. It's only now, in my 30s, that I'm getting the work ethic back!

I was also bullied horribly for being a "snob" and "posh" because I'd been to fee paying school. It was an awful time.

I wouldn't do it to my children having had the experience I had, but appreciate that others may have had different outcomes - I'm just sharing one viewpoint.

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