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So sad...ds3 ..yr4 ..said when is he going to get more help again

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bizzey Mon 01-Oct-12 21:39:47

I know I have posted before on this sort of suject ...but DS has just asked me tonight when he will get the "other help" he can do the the same as the "the others" (peers)

He is a clever enough boy to know he is behind ....and that he is not getting enough help..
I am going to start statementing ...but what do you do/say to a "bright"boy who just cant read and write ??

sorry ...funy moment 1

givemeaclue Tue 02-Oct-12 13:10:53

Sorry haven't read you other threads so coming to this new. Sounds like a tough situation. What 'other support' does he mean? What is school doing to help? When you say he is clever and bright how are you defining that? Has it been established why he can't read or write -what is his numeracy like?

bizzey Tue 02-Oct-12 13:40:07

givemeaclue....thank you for repling .....Not sure how my title post got sent twice !!!
have another thread going with the same title confused..

But will answer you as I think you have raised a good point....

clever and bright.....I supose I mean that he is aware that he is not producing the same work as his peers...he knows what it should be and what he should be doing ...but can't...he doesn't give up though and every evening wants to do homework and xtra work I do with him.

Maybe clever and bright are not the right words the right enviroment he learns ...then forgets !(he is not dispruptive....just very quiet and small!)

He used to have a bit of 1-1 last year but that TA is now asigned to a statemented child and there is no one else available.

I am starting the statementing process now as S/A+ is not progressing so hopefully things might come to light..

I was just on a bit of a downer last night when I posted.

But thank you again for replying ....hope you find the other thread with the same title....I might try and get this deleated later ?

givemeaclue Tue 02-Oct-12 19:21:19

Good luck, it sounds like it could be a challenge to get the help if needs I hope you get it

Pippa6774 Wed 03-Oct-12 13:39:19

what i would do is do your own research to find out specifically what help he needs and then support him yourself. pklease have confidence that you can do it as well as a LSA .You know your DS and what make him tick and more importantly you have the motivation to help him.Hopefully the school will come up trumps eventually but why wait?

bizzey Wed 03-Oct-12 18:40:04

Pippa ...thank you for taking the time to reply.....I accidently managed to post this title twice (have not got a clue how !!) alot of my info is on another post with the same title !!

But ..I do help him every evening ,but it takes a long time for the infomation to "stay"in his head !! He has other issues as well and I have to do OT,physio and some s&l exercises with him as well in the well as finding the time for him to chill with his older brothers .

I just need him to have more 1-1 at school as it seems to be the only way he can process infomation....He learns something new and the old stuff goes ...poouufff ...disappeaared till re taught again .

Comm pead has recomended for ED pyc to be involved and a S/A as she is thinking dyspraxia/ADD.

But any way thanks again for replying.

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