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Reception child hitting at school ;0(

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peppajay Mon 01-Oct-12 13:27:26

My son started reception last month and I have just had the dreaded 'can I have a word...." from the teacher was expecting it at some point as he can be very aggressive towards other children and he just does it randomly for no reason. Today he just walked round the classroom and hit 5 children for no reason apparently he did it thurs and fri as well. On an outward level he settled in really well and loves going to school altho since the second week he has changed his sleeping pattern and is now not falling asleep till 8 or 830 and waking up between 530 and 6 so he must be shattered (no excuse for his behaviour tho). He loves routine and thrives on it and hates change and I thought as did pre school he would find it extremely difficult to settle in so is this his way of showing us he is finding it tough. I have spoke to him about the hitting and he isn't taking it seriously he is not allowed to watch 2 new programs he wanted to watch on cbeebies this afternoon and he is having no chocalate after his lunch or tea but he isnt bothered never is with any punishments he doesn't seem to get the concepts of what is right and wrong and just accepts punishments and said 'never mind i'll just play then and watch it in 3 days on the computer when i've been good, because I might still do it on tues and wed and stop on thurs!!!! He says things like this all the time!!

I do have and have had my suspisions that he possibly has Aspergers as he is very different to all his peers and I think my DH probably has it as he suffered socially and academically at school and still has problems now which he can manage now but found his school life very hard and still finds some very simple things in life a struggle!!!

On a general day to day basis he is a very easy child, he is very bright and needs to be constantly stimulated if he is around other children, otherwise he does start hitting, poking etc but I don't want him to be seen as the naughty boy. So I am thinking this behaviour could either be down to his tiredness (altho he isn't showing it!!), which is down to the change of routine, which could be down to Aspergers.

I am not making excuses for his behaviour but I do think it could be down to something more than just plain naughtiness. Is it too early to mention my concerns to the teacher?

lingle Mon 01-Oct-12 20:51:10

bumping for you.

tiggytape Tue 02-Oct-12 08:58:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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