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Was this a little bit cheeky?

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StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 18:16:20

School gave DS a £1 for the McMillan coffee morning to buy cakes. They then asked me for it back......

LadySybildeChocolate Fri 28-Sep-12 18:18:18

Yes. Maybe you didn't want her to have cakes? It gives you no choice in this, does it?

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:22:06

...maybe they presumed you'd forgotten and didn't want your child to be left out. They should have probably have asked you first but I'd rather they had done that than left my child to watch everyone else with cakes.

I think if it was me i'd be sending in the pound with a thank you.....but that's me - mcmillan get their pound, your child gets cake and gets to see how they can help a charity- everyone happy.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 18:23:09

Well they do cookery etc and eat produce at break so they know DS has no dietary requirements etc. But I was a bit shock. As it happens, I attended coffee morning too (they weren't expecting me for some reason) so obviously intended to support the charity.

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:24:30

sounds like maybe there was a note that you didn't get.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 18:25:30

Amck, perhaps my feelings are as the are because my father suffered appalling treatment from McMillan. I was in two minds. I think I am just a bit hmm that my feelings and decision woukd have been overridden had I chosen not to participate.

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:27:54

I once didn't see a note about children being allowed to take a small amount of money on a school trip to spend in the shop and the teacher gave my son 2 pound so that he wasn't left out - he didn't ask for it back but of course I sent my son in with it. he knew we wouldn't have not given him anything and he didn't want to see him disappointed. i thought that was lovely.

ContinentalKat Fri 28-Sep-12 18:28:53

Sorry, but no matter how noble the cause, giving is not compulsory. I would not be happy about this and let school know in no uncertain terms.

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:29:32

that's such a shame starlight. I see where you are coming from, but I'd still have been glad that they wouldn't leave my child out....but I am a soft touch smile

amck5700 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:30:55

Kat to me it's not really about the giving. If it was just a collection and they put money in on my behalf without asking then I'd feel the same. This was an event that the child could have missed out on.

Feenie Fri 28-Sep-12 19:48:06

So the teacher lent your dc money to buy cakes so they wouldn't feel left out?

What a bitch.

I have done similar - on each occasion child was visibly upset and said their mum had 'forgotten'. What would you do?

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 19:51:38

My DS is 5 and has autism. If she wanted him to have a cake she could have given it to him for free.

pantaloons Fri 28-Sep-12 19:52:25

I'm on the PTFA and always end up on the cake stall. This morning was the same.

I invariably end up putting money in for children who have forgotten money, but I've never asked for or expected to get it back. I suppose it's a bit different as you are not so keen on the charity atm, but I would prefer to see a child happy than worry about the parents charitable leanings.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 19:52:36

He woukd have noticed if they were all playing with fans, but eating cakes - nope.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 28-Sep-12 19:55:06

I'm not cross though, just a bit hmm. That woukd have NEVER happened in the E. London school I attended.

Panzee Fri 28-Sep-12 20:01:29

I often slip 20p (that's how much our cakes cost) to someone who doesn't have anything. Maybe the teacher thought that you were coming to buy cakes for your child and that is why they didn't have any money - so was just explaining herself rather than asking for the money?

Feenie Fri 28-Sep-12 20:44:15

Whatever her motivations, you can be assured that none of them were cheek.

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