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Getting stressed about choosing a school

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itstheyearzero Fri 28-Sep-12 15:10:53

Hi, I hope you can help me to think things through, as I'm winding myself up at the moment having to choose a school for DS.

DS starts reception next September. The reason I am getting stressed is because I don't drive, and DH is self employed so chances are he won't be able to do drop offs/pick ups due to having to work early/late most days. I work full time, but I will need to somehow drop DS off and pick him up each day. God knows how I am going to manage this, but this isn't the main issue right now. The issue is that because I need to be able to do the school run, I need the school to be either within walking distance, or on one bus route (I couldn't imagine having to get 2 -3 buses in the middle of winter when it's freezing cold and raining, and doing this 4 times a day quite frankly would drive me insane).

The options I have are:

School 1 - perfect. Excellent Ofsted report. 10 mins walk or a 2 min bus journey.. Ive been to look around the school and I really liked it, I got a really good feeling about it. Problem - it's massively oversubscribed, so even though we live so close there is no guarantee he will get in.

School 2 - great reputation, not been to see it yet but heard good things about it and Ofsted report is good. Problem - it's not walkable and it would mean 3 different buses as it's quite rural. A lady who lives on the same road as us has a DS at the same nursery as my DS and they have become great friends. She has a son at this school already, so chances are her DS will be going there. She has offered us a lift there and back every day, which is really nice of her, but I hate to have to rely on someone.

School 2 - again perfect, Great Ofsted report. Been to look around and really liked it. Not walkable but 15 mins on one bus. Problem - it is a church school in a different LA, and this particular school show favour to kids who attend church regularly. I have started taking him, but with him only being 3 it's quite hard work at the moment, he gets bored and starts playin up. Plus I'm not religious so I feel like a bit of a fraud applying to the school on faith grounds. And we live quite a distance away, so again no guarantee of getting in.

The rest of the schools in our area are all 2-3 buses and not walkeable. I have no chance of passing my driving test, nor even taking any lessons at the moment beacuse we are totally skint. So, do I keep taking DS to church and put school 3 down as an option? How would you feel about accepting a lift from somebody each day? I'm tearing my hair out here and it's all beacuse I can't flippin' drive. Any advice appreciated.

Tgger Fri 28-Sep-12 18:31:13

No chance you can learn to drive?

mam29 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:38:41

I hate the way everyones forced or expected to drive to school.

we live 15mins walk well 10 bymyself from our school but people who live even closer drive daily.

I would put 1st choice down and wait and see.

sounds daft but some schols are hidden are you sure theirs no others you checked on council website then maybe noted down postcodes and aa routefiner to find milage ?

I have freind who buses hers in daily.

I quite fancy another primary but its 40mins walk and hubby /freinds say its too much.

good luck.

Immediate thourght springs to mind is achildminder that does school pickups especially if childminders local walkable to where you live.

if over 2miles the think la have to help with transport.

is the church school a distance.

the 3rd one if different la not sure about.

but la has duty to offer you something.

wonder if not driving good reason to appeal not getting 1st choice?

An0therName Fri 28-Sep-12 20:47:20

is school 1 your nearest school - is there another school which is nearby or on your way to work sway which you might not like as much as school 1 or 2 - but logistics do have to come into it
could you look in childcare - either childminder or after school club which is easier to get to
- is cycling an option for any these school?

scootle Fri 28-Sep-12 20:52:40

I would put 1 3 2 in that order - and yes keep going to church though it may be a bit late to win you many points. Getting a lift every day wd be my least favourite option by far.

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