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English and welsh reception assessments - difference

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Cat98 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:15:11

Hi, I posted before about the Welsh baseline assessment for reception children and I have now found the grid. But looking at the age ranges specified it seems to require more from the children in Wales than the one used in England - am I reading them right? Links below (the welsh link is very comprehensive) but I'm sure I read somewhere that a level 7 on the English one would be considered advanced. Looking at the Welsh one it seems that the achievements in level 5 are considered average for reception children (age 4-5)? But in the English one some of these achievements would be considered advanced? I'm confused why there is such a difference (I'm looking particularly at the numbers category).

Links below

(I put this in education by mistake but meant to put it here so c&p'd!

Cat98 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:16:02


mrz Thu 27-Sep-12 19:28:10

but I'm sure I read somewhere that a level 7 on the English one would be considered advanced.

Sorry but point 7 on the English profile would not be considered advanced and remember Foundation Phase in Wales covers 3-7 years of age.

Cat98 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:03:45

Ok! I thought I'd read it on here. That the average child would be on a 6 in reception in the english one.


Tiggles Thu 27-Sep-12 20:41:22

The assessment schemes in England are different to the Welsh ones. In England the scheme can be assessed up to 9. In Wales the scale goes up to 7.
The foundation phase in Wales is different to that in England as it is being altered to go to the end of year 2, whereas in England I believe it stops at the end of reception.
In Wales you would expect to get a level 7 at the end of yr2 ie when a child is aged 7, a 6 at the end of yr 1 when a child is 6, a 5 at the end of reception when a child is 5 etc.

Cat98 Fri 28-Sep-12 09:25:26

Thanks lmg. So if a child is on about 5b for reading/writing for example on entry to reception they are doing ok? Do you mean they should have completed level 5 by the end of reception?
It's all very confusing - also how much do these levels really matter? For example looking at it (and I am aware me thinking about what he can do at home is entirely different to what he might actually do at school) he would be working towards level 7 in numbers as he can tell the time but maybe not with the ease they would expect for a 7, but he still can't do up his coat zip easily so wouldn't even have a 4 in the first category - would you expect this sort of discrepancy between areas?

Tiggles Fri 28-Sep-12 11:00:32

On entry to reception a child is expected to be at level 4, so yes to be at 5 is good. I didn't realise they had a/b/c levels - they have never mentioned them at our school. They should be a level 5 at the end of reception.
I know they have changed all the base line assessment data for this year, well they have removed it but not replaced with something else as that will apparently take another year to decide. So some schools will assess in the same way as last year. DS2 was in reception last year, by October the school had to assess them, and then give us a written and verbal report on how the assessment had gone. So they said what level they had achieved in the assessments and what their next target was (in each of the sections, numeracy, literacy etc) to move on. If there was a big discrepancy between what they had assessed and what you saw at home it would be worth mentioning, but remember that a lot of the EYFS is "What does the child do independently".
With DS1 if they had EYFS when he was in reception then he would have had a large discrepancy between the different areas, DS2 was more even, but I don't know on a more general basis.

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