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whats a fun and effective way of helping dd1 to learn high frequency words?

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unsureunderneath Wed 26-Sep-12 09:19:52

She brings a reading book home that has them in but I wondered if there is a fun way she can learn them without realising she is actually learning iyswim.

Jooles999 Wed 26-Sep-12 09:41:19

We had a pack of Biff Chip Kipper cards that have a lot of the hi frequency words in them, which meant we could play snap and pairs (memory game). Seemed to work very well and Ive now passed the cards on to another parent as DS now can recognise the words fine.

Hopefully here is the link:


simpson Wed 26-Sep-12 10:10:33

You can gets packs of the high frequency words in wilkinsons as fridge magnets which is how my DD has learnt them.

She makes up her own (nonsense) sentences using them and then reads them back to me.

mummymellymoo Wed 26-Sep-12 11:52:35

We had to do nearly a year of home schooling in reception and I found the sparklebox website brilliant. It's a resource aimed at teachers with loads of printable activities etc. It also has the high frequency words on different backgrounds - eg flowers, monsters, dinosaurs, teddies etc. I printed them all off and cut each one out and dotted a couple round the house - I used to stick four or five around at a time and when she'd learnt them I put a few more up. It worked brilliantly and she is now a very strong reader/speller.

unsureunderneath Wed 26-Sep-12 12:24:57

Great suggestions, thank you

dixiechick1975 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:01:33

I know from mumsnet that sparklebox is a no no for resources as it is owned by a convicted paedophile.

Letterbox and GLTC also sell magnetic sets of HFW - to go on the fridge etc.

simpson Wed 26-Sep-12 14:47:53

Was just going to post the sparkle box thing too.

Starfall is good...

Cat98 Wed 26-Sep-12 14:53:02

I put cards with the words on around the house next to one of DS's toy cars. I then say do DS, "find me the word xxx". If he gets it right (searches for it and brings it to me) he "gets" the car next to it. When he's got all the cars we do a race with them! Works really well and he loves the game and always asks to play it!

pigleychez Wed 26-Sep-12 17:49:35

I made a word bottle for DD.

Heres my blog post on it

DD1 love hers. I just keep changing the words once she's mastered them.
A few of her reception friends have loved the idea too and made one for their DC.

GoldenPeppermintCreams Wed 26-Sep-12 18:20:34

My son has to learn 6 high frequency words at a time. In the very beginning I printed off two sets of the words and we played snap or memory game with them. I also printed off a few cvc words and our names and made sentences with the cards.

I also wrote the 6 words in different coloured chalk on the garden path, and every time we went out or came back home I would get him to play jumping games on them to learn them, and then ask him what the green, red, etc words said to test him.

Now he is very confident with phonics and can sound them out all by himself and figure out what the word is if it's tricky. I just write them on a small whiteboard and go through them daily until he knows them. Also because he's read lots of ORT books, the words are mostly familiar to him anyway.

StellaNova Wed 26-Sep-12 18:24:26

DS1 loves trains. We set up a long train track along the landing with a train that runs on batteries - I put "messages" (key words) on the train which delivered them to him and he read them.

tinytalker Wed 26-Sep-12 20:17:17

Great ideas already, here's a few more...
Get a large beachball and write the keywords all around it using a permanent marker. Play catch and whichever word his fingers are touching when he catches he has to read. You could also make skittles with words on, you say a word and he has to throw the ball to knock down the correct one, this would also work with a dart board type game.
Have fun!

ellesabe Wed 26-Sep-12 20:33:56

Get your dd to make some 3x3 bingo cards, writing a word in each square and making sure that the words are in different places on each board. Then play bingo with other family members!

unsureunderneath Thu 27-Sep-12 12:46:58

Really appreciate all the suggestions. Will give them a go and see which she likes best. Thank you

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