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Reception newbie bitten by classmate today....

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greencrab Mon 24-Sep-12 17:03:15

DS has come home twice complaining X hurt him. I have told him to tell the teacher, took him to see TA who again told him to tell the teacher. He has been pinched by X at carpet time and teacher moved X down a level on the behaviour scale.

Today I picked ds up, spoke to teacher (apologising as I was a few minutes late blush). Nothing mentioned. Then after picking up dd from her class, ds complains that X bit him today shock and he told the teacher and again ds was moved down level on behaviour scale. There is a small mark on his back that wasnt there in the shower this morning, it has drawn blood!

I went into office and asked to see teacher tomorrow. Office confirms ds wasnt sent to welfare, so I'm guessing teacher might not have seen mark.

What should I do/say tomorrow?

I am trying to stay calm and reasonable just 'wanting to find out the full story' but am secretly really angry and upset. Haven't had to deal with biting since playgroup days.

sittinginthesun Mon 24-Sep-12 17:47:35

I think you just need to tell the teacher your concerns.

Thing is, you are unlikely to get told anything about the other child, quite rightly, as it will be confidential. The best result is that the school are aware of the child's behaviour, and are dealing with it.

If the child appears to be only hurting your dc, then I would hope that the school can keep the other child away.

It is very early days, though, and children do settle down. The child who was most aggressive in DS1's Reception class was fine by Year 1, and is now a popular child.

Hope the meeting goes okay. If the school is good, then hopefully it will reassure you.

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