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3rd parents night in a row with a teacher who doesn't know ds

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WeAllHaveWings Mon 24-Sep-12 15:57:09

ds(8) is in P4 (Scotland).

Last year in P3 school started back mid August, 2 weeks before parents evening his teacher went on sudden long term sick leave and we had parents evening with a temporary supply teacher who had only been with them for less than 2 weeks.

He had the supply teacher until Xmas, then another teacher until Easter when she left for maternity leave and original teacher returned from sick leave 2 weeks before parents evening.

I fully understand this is a very unfortunate set of circumstances (first teacher was very seriously ill) and the school dealt with it as best they could, but feel we haven't had any "true" feedback on ds in P3 from someone that knows him. Both parents evenings started with something like "you know I havent worked with your ds for long, but he seems to be ok............"

I like his school, ds enjoys school and from what I can gleam from him is doing well so it wasn't a huge issue for me in P3, but know other parents had concerns about the 4 changes of teacher in one year, especially since the homework difficulty seemed to drop significantly for a few weeks every time a new teacher came to the class.

Now he's in P4. The day he started back he was told the teacher was leaving in 4 weeks for maternity leave. They have the supply teacher again now for 2 weeks, then a new teacher will start. So by October he will be on his 3rd change of teacher so far and parents evening again will be with a teacher who has only been with the class for 9 days!

The school doesnt have big staff turnover, there are 4 x P4 classes and it's only ds's class that has had multiple teachers throughout the year. I would have thought with a bit of planning (they would have known current teacher was going on maternity leave), they could have given ds's class another teacher so they would have more chance of stability this year.

Is it unreasonable to expect them to have planned this a bit better, and is there any point on raising at parents evening that due to all the changes the feedback on ds has been lacking in any real substance for too many parents evenings?

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