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Help with small scale research on speaking and listening within the classroom.

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traineeteacher123 Sat 22-Sep-12 22:26:39

Hi, I'm currently planning a small-scale research study which is part of my dissertation. My focus will be on talk within the classroom and will discuss its impact on language and intellectual development. My teacher has asked me to funnel it down and be more specific as it is only a 5000 word essay. I have done some research and have come up with the following (these are not yet refined):

- The absence of talk within key stage 2 classrooms and how this can be positively enhanced.
- Exploring the relationship between homework and attainment and how homework can be reformed to positively enhance talk within the classroom.
-How different types of collaborative talk can give different outcomes.
-A case study on how social class and gender, affects a child's contribution within class discussions.
- How parental involvement impacts on the quality of child discussion within the classroom.
- How implementing discussions about current events can develop critical thinking and valuable talk.
- A comparison of talk within forest, private and public schools and how to use these findings to create high quality dialogue within the classroom.

Could you give me your feedback or contribute any other ideas associated with talk, Thank you

AnxiousElephant Mon 24-Sep-12 01:43:12

Is more discussion in the classroom related to better developed critical thinking skills?

juniper904 Mon 24-Sep-12 22:14:17

I wrote my dissertation about how classroom discourse and assessment for learning can be used to further progression.

Do you want me to find you the key authors/ ideas I came up with? I'll have to route out my dissertation...

LadybirdLipstick Mon 24-Sep-12 22:24:09

Interesting stuff!
How about how much collaborative talk is 'on task' compared to other chat?
How children use talk to - keep other children on task-distract-achieve other aims (like jockeying for position)?
Gender differences re amount/types of talk in the classroom?

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