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Is it true that Biff/Chip/magic key does not go beyond level 9 (gold)?

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purplehouse Sat 22-Sep-12 20:06:59

My ds is at the end of level 9 ort. There hasn't been any sort of conclusion to the kipper/magic key stories as yet. Ds has a friend on the next level up and he no longer gets magic key stuff. Ds absolutely loves this stuff, I wonder if he will ever want to read a book again in the absence of the magic key?! Is level 9 the end of the key?

WofflingOn Sat 22-Sep-12 20:08:50

Yes, stage ten is chapter books with a different story for each one, and different characters.
He's going to have to think of his own ending!

mrz Sat 22-Sep-12 20:13:30

purplehouse Sat 22-Sep-12 20:18:54

I hope the school has those books!

Iamnotminterested Sat 22-Sep-12 20:36:16

Get him to write his own conclusions and send them to the ORT publishers, got to be better than the shite that is biff, chip et al.

MilkRunningOutAgain Sat 22-Sep-12 21:02:51

My dD has a level 10 robin book, The Secret Plans, which is brilliant and has biff, chip and kipper and the whole gang. My DD has just found out they are coming to an end and is devastated. Both my kids love b,c and k.

MilkRunningOutAgain Sat 22-Sep-12 21:05:27

And I may have to buy the books mrz has linked to, provided they are published soon before DD moves on too far from the original magic key books.

simpson Sat 22-Sep-12 21:20:53

The ones that mrz linked to are already out and there are some more stage 12 plus I think, one of them involves the characters going back to the great fire of London...

The book people have got them on offer ATM...

beingagoodmumishard Sat 22-Sep-12 21:27:02

I saw the books linked above in The Book People catalogue and wondered whether they were suitable for 7yo DS who loved Biff and Chip when he was learning to read, especially the Magic Key adventures. He's a confident reader, would people recommend them?

Rosebud05 Sat 22-Sep-12 21:30:43

My dd loves the Magic Key books. They do become more interesting as you go up the levels - lots of children do like them.

MilkRunningOutAgain Sat 22-Sep-12 21:46:18

Book people here I come.

simpson Sat 22-Sep-12 22:18:42

Just checked, they are £5.99 for all 6 and are aimed from yr3 onwards.

So beingagoodmum - your DS should like them if he is ready for them, my DS did!!!

KTK9 Sat 22-Sep-12 23:02:40

Thank you for this - dd enjoys them too and they won't 'scare' her like some chapter books. I have just ordered a set.

juniper904 Sun 23-Sep-12 00:56:15

I may be the anomaly amongst teachers, but I really like the Biff, Chip and Kipper books! From a phonics point of view, I'm sure they're out of date (I'm KS2 so phonics is not my world) but I really enjoy learning about their antics.

The children will be reading to me, and I'll be like... one more page! Come on, read faster! Is Chip going to be OK?? etc. But with slightly less punctuation in real life.

beingagoodmumishard Sun 23-Sep-12 12:42:12

better order some soon then, before they get sold out!

mrsbaffled Sun 23-Sep-12 17:52:00

The Time Chronicles are brilliant! We got ours through The Book People over a year ago.

purplehouse Sun 23-Sep-12 17:53:51

I will order from book people. However, think the ones they currently have are maybe stage 12+ (?). I think there is another 12 books which might be level 10+ and level 11+, will search for them.

dixiechick1975 Sun 23-Sep-12 18:49:25

OFFERSEP worked for me for book people free delivery yesterday on an order under £10

simpson Sun 23-Sep-12 20:01:05

The times chronicles have 6 books at stage 10 and another 6 at stage 11 which I bought together in a pack.

There are another 6 at stage 12 but they are sold separately. My mother has recently bought them for DS.

beingagoodmumishard Sun 23-Sep-12 23:02:04

Books ordered, and thank you for the code dixie

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