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Reading band question

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DizzyMum Fri 21-Sep-12 16:42:53

My dd2 has been on the white band since February. I thought she might be ready to move up a level and wrote this in her reading book. It came back from the teacher saying she was not ready to progress to the next band. While appreciating that children all progress at different rates can any teachers advise me if this seems a long time to be stuck on white?


redskyatnight Fri 21-Sep-12 17:22:05

I am not a teacher but I would think a child needs to stay on a book band for as long as they need to really.

However, I would say that a child that can read white book band books is pretty much a fluent reader, so it seems odd not to let them progress. How does she actually find the books to read - can she read them easily, understand the story, talk about the characters etc? It's possible that her previous teacher may have pushed her through the book bands too quickly - this was true for my DS who actually dropped a book band on going up to Y3 - absolutely the right thing for him.

It's a shame the teacher hasn't given you some more constructive pointers e.g. she needs to work on xyz. You could always ask what you need to focus on?

nicolakc Fri 21-Sep-12 19:52:39

my ds1 was put onto white band in january this year and was still on it in july, he has only just been moved to free reading. When i spoke to his teacher about the lengh of time he had been on white she was quite open and said, yes he could read the book very well but if asked he did not always know what the book was about!(he found them dull) She also said she did not feel he was ready to choose his own books as tended to go for animal info books rather than pick a variety of books which is whats needed. so it maybe something like this??

Whatiswitnit Sat 22-Sep-12 15:57:05

As far as I'm aware the book should be sufficiently challenging but also allow the child the chance to feel they're succeeding. My DS's teacher said to me that they should be able to read 90% of the words easily and the other 10% should be more challenging.

My daughter is on lime (which I think is the last of the colour bands) and is the most able reader in her class, however I don't see her becoming a free reader for a while yet as I can tell from listening to her read that sometimes she doesn't understand what she's reading. She's a very accurate reader but not always a fluent reader.

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