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In-Year School Application

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dizzyday07 Thu 20-Sep-12 13:24:00

We accepted an offer on our house in July, and worked to get everything in place to move before the end of Aug so DD could (hopefully) start the new school year on 4th Sept at the new house.

I spoke to our home LA who said to complete the appropriate form so they could liaise with the new LA when we had proof of exchange. When I went to submit it to them at them on 30th Aug. (we had had some delays) they then said it would be best to go direct to the new LA to apply as by the time they got round to processing the form we would have already moved! (date for move was 6th Sept).

On the same day, I then spoke to the new LA who were really ambivalent about applying direct to them but said I could if I wanted to! They said there was no way she would be in school during the first week of term as a) no-one would be at school to speak to and b) as they were busy with "planning" and c) had lots of other applications to deal with. Auto response from on-line application said 10 working days.

This has now passed and we have no news of a place. I spoke to them on Monday and they said they were waiting to hear back from the school but should get a response in a "couple of days".

We know there are places in her class (Year 3), so why haven't they just automatically allocated one to her? Maybe I am naiive and they are snowed under at this time of year but surely 1 phone call would sort it all out?

I don't know why I'm really posting - probably just to let off steam confused

MaKettle Thu 20-Sep-12 13:37:20

We're in exactly the same position - returning from abroad at end August. One of my children is still not in school. We can't get through to the council on the phone 90% of the time, and when you do you get a completely different story regarding my daughter's position on the waiting lists depending on who you speak to. The most effective tactic so far has been to go to the council offices - is this possible for you?

thequietone Thu 20-Sep-12 13:42:45

I've been through the In Year Application process for my son. As soon as we exchanged contracts on the new house, I printed off and completed the In Year Application forms that are on their website. Once they're in the system you can call them as many times as you want, and they are able to tell you what position your child is on the list.

If you know there is space in the school, it will be worth mentioning this to the Council. I was also in close contact with the school I wanted, and they were very helpful in getting him in.

Good luck!

prh47bridge Thu 20-Sep-12 16:51:25

They are supposed to process your application "without delay". Keep pushing them.

dizzyday07 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:00:48

Still nothing from either LA!

DH took matters into his own hands and called the school direct. They said DD can start straight away and they'd let the paperwork "catch up".

As I'm a bit of a stickler for correct procedure, I made a shock face when DH told me but she is now there. I shall call the new LA again today to chivvy them along as I need to have a bit of official paper that says she has her place there.

Spalva Mon 24-Sep-12 17:55:07

We are in the same position as well. We moved to the UK at the end of August and sent in our applications as soon as we had a signed rental agreement (about two and a half weeks ago now). For my 12 year-old we have had two "we don't have a place" letters and are waiting on our third choice school.

For my almost 7 year-old we haven't heard anything at all.

I just sent an email to our local school to see what they say.

The whole system is very confusing for outsiders, I must say. And both of my girls are very anxious to know where they will be; they wait for the mail every day. My older girls gets excited about a school and then gets let down. And I'm afraid it will be the same for my little one who has her heart set on the local school as she already has a friend from there.

Thank you for these posts -- very informative.

prh47bridge Mon 24-Sep-12 20:11:40

Did you apply direct to the schools or to the local authority? You should apply to the LA if you haven't done so already. They must find a place for you somewhere.

Spalva Mon 24-Sep-12 21:10:11

We applied to the LA about two and a half weeks ago. I'll cross my fingers for news tomorrow.

dizzyday07 Thu 27-Sep-12 23:59:47

All sorted now thank goodness.

I spoke to the LA again on Monday (after 15mins of trying to get through). The lady I spoke too couldn't find the guy dealing with it and she said that the application was blank which was a bit worrying!

I mentioned to her that DD was now at school and her reply was that they wouldn't now be doing anything with the application as the new school asking the old school for DD's records would trigger the old LA knowing she had moved. shock

I INSISTED (much to her reluctance) that they write and officially inform me that DD has a place at her new school and the letter has come. I will now write myself to the old LA and school letting them know she doesn't need her old school place.

Hope that you MaKettle and Spalva have good news soon too.

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