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Help me choose a maths subscription

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mam29 Wed 15-Aug-12 07:55:02

My dd just going into year 2 would say maths her weakest subject.

I brought a few workbooklets.

she sailed through 4-5 as expected wanted to start low see what she did know and build her confidence.

we halfway through book 5-6-shes 6 and she seems to be coping with that easily too so think the 7-8book be more challanging.

we were considering kumon but now thinking its such a huge expense.

going to get some cheap flash cards, maths games and blocks oiff ebay to try make maths fun.

but really think could benefot from subscription in year 2 as back up as feell dd would enjoy much more than the workbooklets.

so the 3 im looking at is

mathaletics-seen mentioned here a lot,looks good international but can make specific to looks like a few schools use it.
its 39pounda a year so not too budget busting as about £3.50 a month.

Ixl -another international that can be uk allligned, again good reveiws, like the feedback and reports it gives to parents, website looks attractive its £59 a year or £8 a month.I like way it gives the answer with explanation why

lastly carol vordman maths factor-i know summer school is 14.99 assuming they do an annual programme.
Currently doing a carol vordman workbooklet which dd finds quite boring but noticed she has maths factor, series of books and workbooklets.

Im not sure about mixing and matching dont want maths overload.

found seperate tony parker website for times tables.

I was hopeless at maths
I hated maths.

so wnat to get her enthused and improved and build her confidence.

all of these seem bargain in comparision to explore learning or kumon.

Interested to hear people who used either good and bad.

its fab theres so much out there shame I dident realise until now.
but have 2younger kids.

iseenodust Wed 15-Aug-12 09:07:13

I always answer manga maths. You can subscribe for much less than Kumon as an individual (I have no vested interest). Your child gets age/level appropriate work, is monitored and it follows the national curriculum.

But most of all the learning is done through a variety of fun colourful games.

messtins Wed 15-Aug-12 09:20:47

We're doing Komodo maths ( which is £55 a year. Suitable for all primary age children and starts with a test so they get an appropriate level. My DS (5) who is keen on maths is really enjoying it and rapidly collecting reward stars and "komodo belts".

Prarieflower Wed 15-Aug-12 09:25:46

We're doing CV Summer School thinking of giving 3 months of MF as I think the yearly thing is extremely expensive,Summer School was affordable and v good for my dd.If she enjoys it and it boosts her confidence during those 3 months I'll extend the subscription.

mam29 Wed 15-Aug-12 10:09:29

wow more maths schemes.

thanks guys
prairieflower read about your cvsummer school but we only got few weeks left not sure id would get full benefit

im leaning towards mathaletics or ixl right now.

might try 1month of ixl 8quid and see how we get on.
if like it will the subsribe to a yera shame none of them offer one months free trial.

iseenodust Wed 15-Aug-12 13:59:43

Try an email to manga? When we tried it they were running 12 weeks free trial.

messtins Thu 16-Aug-12 19:52:48

Komodo also do a monthly subscription you can cancel at any time and there's a 2 week money back guarantee when you sign up. I got a 90 day free trial after posting on here, you could always be cheeky and ask if they'd do a free trial for you - it's a fairly new program. I'm really happy with it and will be continuing after my free trial.

twizzlestix Sat 18-Aug-12 10:24:52

I'm a teacher and our school uses mathletics because it fits the planning framework. This means that your daughter can practise the skills she covers each week in maths on mathletics because it's split into units e.g A1 and it's very appealing to children I.e game format, collect points and certificates etc

savoycabbage Sat 18-Aug-12 10:27:32

Our school uses mathletics too but I think it's quite dull.

I think you can do a free trial with it so it's worth looking to see.

sandfordmum Wed 26-Sep-12 16:58:45

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