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Any parents in Redbridge challenge staggered Reception entry last year?

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watersign76 Mon 09-Jul-12 09:21:23


Following this v v helpful thread we are quickly - before the school hols - trying to challenge the decision of DS's school to require him to do 08:55 - 11:50 until half-term as he is a summer baby.

We both work, so the only option for us is to find some childcare cover from 11:50 until the after school club starts, as I don't want him starting there in Nov after everybody else has been there for months...

However, having looked at the actual DfE document it doesn't actually mention the "rights" of parents to request full-time, it focuses on the part-time aspect:

2.16 Admission of children below compulsory school age and deferred entry to school - Admission authorities must provide for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday. The authority must make it clear in their arrangements that:
a) parents can request that the date their child is admitted to school is deferred until later in the academic year or until the term in which the child reaches compulsory school age, and
b) parents can request that their child takes up the place part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age.

However, it looks like lots of schools have taken advice - like this one from the original thread - and decided that it works both ways.

Have written to the school (no response as yet), contacted the Council and DfE...but I did wonder if any other Redbridge parents managed to challenge it last year?


MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Mon 09-Jul-12 14:07:14

I don't have a child starting in Reception this time, but out of curiosity I emailed the admissions team for my LA the other week about this (partly because I am nosy and partly because I am a governor and our school is offering staggered starts this time)

I also asked about free school meals, because we have a high % and it struck me that if you are only in school for 2/3 hours, but you are entitled to FSM, what would happen?

My LA replied that - All children are entitled to a full time place from the beginning of term, but reduced timetables can be agreed between parent and school

Children are only entitled to a free school lunch if they are receiving education both before and after lunch. hth

watersign76 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:19:27

Hi Moaning

Thanks for that.

It seems most LA's are interpreting it that way, but another local school is sticking to their guns, so wondering what ours will do.

DS misses the cut off for full-time by 1 day, which makes it all seem more annoying!

Just don't want the hassle and stress of finding a part-time childcare provider if we don't actually need one. My begging letter to the school suggested that actually being a home with a stranger will be less comforting/helpful than being in school with him friends...but I sense the HT is rather traditional in her approach.

I await the response from either the LA or the DfE, both have a turn-around of more than 10 working days, so might be too late by then...but we shall see!

Good on you for being a Governor. Did you hear Gove's comments on Fri, twat. Do you enjoy it? I am thinking about it...

Thanks again.

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Mon 09-Jul-12 18:27:19

HHmm yes, I felt it was terribly insulting. Our school has ongoing vacancies for parent governors anyway, not a high level of interest around here sad

I give up my free time to do it. I read all the paperwork, attend training sessions, attend committee meetings and take an active role in supporting the school.

I don't have any businesses for the school to get backhanders off though, so I would be very unattractive as Tory candidate for governor wink

And I only have time to do it at all since I got squeezed out of my public sector (professional) job. Ho hum.

landf Tue 04-Dec-12 11:38:05

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

exexpat Tue 04-Dec-12 11:44:37

landf - rather than digging up all the old threads about staggered entry and adding your bit, why don't you start a new thread? The people who were on this one months ago won't see that you have restarted the discussion.

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