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Brookland Infant school vs Devonshire House, Hampstead

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Alexck Thu 17-May-12 11:20:49


I have been really torn since the past few months whether my son should go to Brookland Infant School (we are in the catchment area) or we should fork out for private education. I visited Devonshire House in Hampstead last week and really liked it. The kids looked confident and happy and the school seemed well equipped with good teachers. When I visited Brookland, I wasn?t too impressed with their reception kids, lots of playing and messing around with no much ?planned? activity; the older years like Year 1 and 2 seemed OK though.

I do not want to spend for no reason neither I want to ?spoil? him; I am also concerned about the wealthy lifestyle of the private school in Hampstead. On the other hand, my son is quite bright and according to the teacher at his current nursery (he has been doing full time since he was 6 months) says that he needs a challenging environment as he seems ahead of the others in terms of learning and stimulus.

What do I do? Is it Devonshire/private worth it or the Brookland would be just fine? He would be shame to ?waste? his attitude and talent.

Any advice would be super appreciated smile!
Many Thanks!!

leaz Mon 16-Jul-12 16:14:57

Hi there,
My son goes to devonshire and absolutely loves it ( as do all the mums/kids in his nursery class ). Children of all ages do seem to be very happy confident and most notably super polite and well behaved. My son has attended two other London private schools prior to this : one for daycare which I guess wouldn't count for a comparison and the other, mulberry house, for 1 term when he was two. The difference in terms of compassion , warmth and friendliness of the teachers and the and happiness of the children was vast. My son never once cried when getting dropped off at Devonshire and would ask, even on weekends if he was going to school today - not the case with the other two.
The other devonshire parents been super lovely as well. Not a single mum I've met there was even close to coming off snobbish or show-offy. everyone has been very supportive and kind and welcoming. The whole ethos and atmosphere of the school has been so incredible, we ended up pulling our other school apps from Arnold House and a few others in favor of keeping my son there till 11 or 13 and also plan on sending my daughter next year.
If you do choose Devonshire I really dont think you will regret your choice. I have yet to meet anyone who is less than thrilled.
good luck.

Alexck Wed 12-Sep-12 10:24:31

Thank you so much leaz! It is not easy to choose what to do. I am glad your son likes Devonshire. I was impressed indeed with the warmth yet the discipline when I visited last. Still finding nervous about decision...but thanks so much

Roundandroundthemulberrybush Wed 12-Sep-12 11:21:39

If you are in the catchment for Brooklands I think that you would be mad to go for Devonshire House. All the children at Brooklands are local so you will have a lovely community within walking distance and it is a very good school.

The standards are consistently high, the families are lovely and the children go on to all the good private schools at 11 including Habs, Channing, UCS etc etc.

EvaCon Mon 04-Mar-13 18:21:28

leaz: Just interested in your experience with Mulberry? Why did you choose Devonshire House over Mulberry? Thanks!

Hairyupperlip Mon 04-Mar-13 19:21:43

I went to look around Dev House and it didn't give me the warm and fuzzies TBH. I have no further personal experience with the school but a search against Dev House on mumsnet will give you some other views. I don't think they are v selective, and advertise heavily. This may bother you, or not. If you are considering forking out for private, there are tons of other options in and around North London that are arguably better, certainly more well regarded. I'd explosions these before committing to DH personally. No offence to any DH parents. Just what I've heard/read. If you did get a good vibe from DH then that's also important .....

Hairyupperlip Mon 04-Mar-13 19:22:30

Explore these, not explosions! Apologies....

sanam2010 Fri 08-Mar-13 17:11:01

If I were you, I would start a Brookland and see how you like it, no reason to start private at 4+. If you like it (which I think you will), you stay, and you can always switch at the 7+ level. And as others have noted, why not go for one of the top North London private schools at 5+
or 7+ instead? I am not saying DH is not a good school, I just doubt it's worth it. At least give the outstanding community primary a chance (although surely if you don't take up the place, there will be a hundred happy families queueing up behind you to snatch it!!).

sanam2010 Mon 28-Oct-13 17:35:39

OP, out of interest what did you end up deciding?

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