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Another muswell hill n10 primary question

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JenL Sat 05-May-12 18:16:40

We currently live outside of London but are planning to move back next year to muswell hill. My daughter will begin reception september 2013, but we won't be able to move until potentially the end of next summer, hence missing out on the cut off date for reception applications etc. Am I kidding myself to think that we have a chance of getting a late admission if we live very close to a school (not fussy, happy with any if the n10 primaries) and join a waiting list? Or should I be looking at private schools too? Ugh - not happy about the rubbish timing of our move.

soonbesailing Sat 05-May-12 21:02:40

I think that all of the good muswell hill schools are heavily over subscribed, if you miss the deadline you may have to go on the waiting list, so I would suggest you move very close to the school you want.

If you are looking at private there aren't many options in muswell hill itself.

JenL Sat 05-May-12 21:28:18

Oh yes, realise that they are

JenL Sat 05-May-12 21:29:21

Overly subscribed. Just wondering if there's even the remotest chance of admission on waiting list. And yes, looking at private schools in north l

JenL Sat 05-May-12 21:30:47

Yikes, touch screen is being annoying! But yes, looking at private schools in north London overall, although j think there are some prep schools in muswell hill?!

SchoolsNightmare Sat 05-May-12 23:00:54

When you move and inform the council by applying for places, the LA are obliged to offer you a school place. It might not be at a school you have chosen though.
If you move very near to an oversubscribed school, you will join the waiting list fairly near the top but that is only helpful if the list actually moves.
Some schools have no movement at all especially if they have a small intake or are the first choice school for lots of people (a small intake means less chance of people moving away and a higher % of places taken by siblings).
Some schools have 60 - 90+ children per year group so there is more scope for a place to become free. Some schools make lots of offers from their lists because they are situated in an area where many people move or go private.

Your best bet might be to identify schools you like and try to see which ones have the most chance of places coming free. You can ask how many they normally admit from the waiting list for example just to get a feel for which ones are more viable than others.

The other thing to bear in mind is that waiting list movement starts in April / May so you may miss the chance of some places if they come up and then are reallocated in the months or weeks before you move in (places aren't saved from the list, they are reallocated as and when they become free). Sometimes movement on the lists has slowed down or stopped by late Summer but again this depends on the area (some people going private inform the council late Summer just before school starts when they finally take the plunge to relinquish their state school option)

Rosebud05 Sun 06-May-12 01:00:30

There's a very high proportion of siblings in Muswell Hill schools and not much movement. Is there no way you could move this year?

urbantreats Sat 27-Oct-12 00:23:38

We are moving from Hampstead to muswell hill area, I have a DS is in Year 4, my other DS will go be go to nursery next September. we are moving to Coniston road N10 in Jan/ Feb and thought we are in at least three good school catchement areas but it looks like we might be just outside all of them, even muswell primary which is pretty close. would it be crasy to think that the transfer for my older son in Year4 might not be too risky and we might be lucky to find him a place quickly? the council won't give me a straight answer as to where the children on this road go to. anyone who has been in this position and would like to share their experience?

AuntySib Sat 27-Oct-12 00:39:04

Problem is, it's very hard to predict. Totally depends on other people leaving the school, usually due to relocation, and who can tell when that will be? I do know that all the primaries near you are always full. Coniston road is difficult, you could go to Muswell Hill or at a push Rhodes Avenue, but I can't see that you would get into any of the others, even on a waiting list. Do you have a religious affiliation? That would give you a few more options( although I gather those schools are also heavily over subscribed). I think that you can't go on the waiting list until you have exchanged contracts on a purchase, or signed a rental agreement. if you can do either of those things well ahead of moving ( and sounds like you may be able to if you know where you will be living) then do..

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