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Advice on appealing a placing request refusal? (Glasgiow school)

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Cathbell Mon 30-Apr-12 23:39:50

Just heard that my son's placing request for primary has been refused. Has anyone been through the appeal system before? Not sure where to start as he diesn't have priority through siblings etc and the request was on the basis of the school providing outdoor education (he goes to Woodland kindergarten and we want to continue that kind of learning) plus other language teaching as not offered at his local school. We just loved the school and everything about it and didn't like the local one so really wanted him to go there. It's a really popular school though, more do this year after excellent reports so not sure what I can say to make a particular case for him etc...
Any helpful hints or previous experience of this that might help???

AMJ3 Tue 01-May-12 07:29:56

I went through an appeals process down in England. Not sure it's the same. Basis of appeal was simple. I needed a school with wrap around care as we r both working parents. Going to an alternative school meant I would have to leave work just to do the school run. I provided evidence of employment hrs, evidence of daughter being in full time care since one year old and that none of the 4/5 schools nearest to me had after school clubs or breakfast clubs.
My appeal was declined and I had my daughter attend school in the neighbouring town. School run is an 18 mile drive daily but a price I have to pay for being employed. ( don't get me started on this).
One parent who's appeal was successful talked only about the emotional impact it would have on her child. Child was shy, difficult to make friends, etc etc. Would gave adverse affect on her learning and development if taken away from friends etc. Emotional blackmail works. Not sure if u can work on that angle??? Good luck.

SchoolsNightmare Tue 01-May-12 08:07:33

AMJ3 - in England childcare / employment issues carry virtually no weight at appeal. They are such common problems that it is impossible for everyone to be given a school near their childminder or with wrap around care or near to their parents' work.
Emotional issues can carry weight IF they are backed up by a medical professional who says that as a result of these problems the child needs to attend a certain school AND IF the reception class has less than 30 children (appeals where there are already 30 per class cannot really be won unless the LA had made a mistake with the application that directly led to the child losing thier place because of the law about class sizes).

As such your appeal, whilst annoying, had the expected result. Your friend wouldn't have won her case unless she had a lot of evidence for what she said and unless the school was also one where they have below the legal class size limit.

Hopefully someone will know more about the Scottish appeals but in England it is all down to evidence, it cannot be won based on parental work or childcare and it can only really be won if the class has less than 30 because 30 is the legal limit and then the appeal panel's hands are tied.

Cathbell Tue 01-May-12 12:46:48

Thanks for your replies. I don't holdout much hope as there isn't compelling reason e xcept they prioritise outdoor learning which other local schools haven't facilities for, and teach languages, again as others don't. This us why the school is so popular. My Son is very lively and struggles to concentrate and have seen amazing benefits Of outdoor learning at his outdoor kindergarten so very keen to continue, but I suppose those benefits will apply to all kids attending the school so can't argue he would be damaged in any way by not attending just that they offer what I want and think he will hugely benefit from. I need to work out whether it's even worth appealing. I hate this process!

Cathbell Tue 01-May-12 12:47:55

Also even smaller class sizes here, max 25 in P1

SchoolsNightmare Tue 01-May-12 12:52:47

Cathbell - you should appeal because it is obviously important to you, it costs nothing (except some time and nail-biting) and you need not involve your DS in the process so it won't be unsettling to him.
Whilst it is good to go into it being realistic, don't be put off altogether because you just never know.

Cathbell Tue 01-May-12 22:47:58

Thanks, I think you're right. Worth at least a try!

josh07 Wed 23-Apr-14 12:11:48

Waiting to hear if my son has got a placing request for secondary school think i will have to appeal does anyone know the chances of it making a difference its Glasgow City Council

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