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Primary school places !!!

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Mrsmost Thu 12-Apr-12 21:10:50

Is anyone getting nervous for the primary school places next week? It's all I can thunk about now , the 18th simply can't get here soon enough , I would be happy if my DS got any of his 3 choices but does anyone have any idea of his chances if getting in one of them if they are all within a radius if one and a half miles from our home. My ideal choice would his first choice which is a catholic school which is 0.6 miles from home but is always oversubscribed, we attend mass every week and had all forms signed by the priest etc but don't know how much of a chance he has if getting it , any advice would be great as am worrying alot now the date is getting nearer.

Thanks for reading and sorry for rambling xxx

curiousparent Fri 13-Apr-12 09:11:50

Mrs it is very difficult waiting isn't it? We don't find out until 23rd.

You can sometimes get an idea of whether you are likely to get a place at any particular school by looking at the allocation of spaces in prior years and knowing the admissions criteria and where you fall into it for your application.

We may just scrape into our first choice but are actually hoping to get 2nd instead now.

Good luck x

shelley72 Fri 13-Apr-12 11:27:15

no advice on likelihood of getting your choices - but i am worried sick as im not sure we will get any of our choices. our nearest school felt so cold and unhappy that i just couldnt bring myself to put it on the form. still cant put my finger on it but we just didnt get a good feeling about the place (it was also the only school we visited where the head didnt meet us/talk to us/show us round and we didnt get to see the 'junior' section of the school either).

we are military area so there is a lot of movement with places etc esp over the summer - i know last year some of DSs friends didnt get any choices but were still beign offered places for their first choice seemingly up to the last minute. its just impossible to second guess.

anyway im rambling .too now, but i feel your pain! we find out next weekend and there is going to be a few sleepless nights between now and then i know. oh and poss some wine too. wonder if the schools already know who has been allocated...

good luck!

learnandsay Fri 13-Apr-12 11:38:19

Good luck, everybody! I'll keep things crossed for you all.

Waspie Fri 13-Apr-12 12:05:51

I'm gald (in an odd way) that others are nervous too. I find out on 20th about my son's place. We have a catchment school which last year failed to be able to accept all catchment children. Due to some absurd fluke our house is at least 1.5 miles from the nearest 4 primary schools and last year the last child accepted at all of these schools was less than 1.5 miles. Very nervous at the moment. Just a week to go now though....

Waspie Fri 13-Apr-12 12:06:58

gald? gah damn typing fingers, meant "Glad"

curiousparent Fri 13-Apr-12 14:12:07

shelley if they are VA schools (and therefore control their own admissions) they will know who is very likely to be in as they prepare their own lists of who meets the criteria.

I think the community schools don't get the lists until after the notices have been given to the applicants.

Good luck all - this last bit of waiting is terrible!

roadkillbunny Fri 13-Apr-12 14:50:23

We find out on the 20th and even though I have no reason to be I am anxious just to get it over and done with! We have only applied to one school as we are rural but live in the village with the school, there are 20 places available and dd is already at the school so I know logically ds will get a place no problem but I still just want it done with and have that piece of paper in my grubby little hands! I know I probably should have put another two schools but we didn't with dd (and her year was so over subscribed not all catchment children got a place and no out of catchment siblings until appeals) as the next nearest schools are all over 2 miles away on non walkable routes and are oversubscribed to boot, we wouldn't get a place at any of them so there seemed little point in putting them on just for the sake of it! If for some reason 20 children suddenly appeared in the half mile we are from the school who all had siblings and we didn't get a place I would just have to take what they gave me and then appeal as we would get in on appeal (unless there were 6 more children in that half mile radius with siblings nearer to us that appealed) due to complex and boring reasons that mean that although the PAN is 20 up to 26 children can be in the class. When it is written like that I have no idea why I am so tense about it, I guess reading the horror stories here doesn't help! (although I was the same when we applied for dd and was not on mn then!)
Nobody can say if you will get a place at any of your preferences OP without knowing all the info on last years offers and even then it can change massively every year, you just have to hold on a few more days!

Springsister Fri 13-Apr-12 14:55:33

We are counting the days to the 18th here too.

DS1 is already at the nursery of our local school however the head said over half the places are going to siblings, so even though we are 0.4mile away, its not looking too promising.
2nd choice is church one and we are not church members
3rd is miles away and oversubscribed.

<pours the gin and offers it around>

Mrsmost Fri 13-Apr-12 20:10:18

Sounds like everyone is worrying as much as me , the more I try and research and red up on it all the more stressed I get !! Haha

Not long now though thank god

Think there will be a fair amount of drinks consumed by all till the results are announced grin

Hope everyone gets the school they want and are happy with xxxx

sunnyday123 Fri 13-Apr-12 20:19:36

i'm terrified - 10 days to go (and 10 bottles red wine too probably!)

2 nights ago i dreamt DD got in a school 9 miles away with only 25 kids in entire school! I woke in a cold sweat and never got back to sleep!

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 15-Apr-12 23:01:16

Bumping. Three days left! <nibbles nails>

kellibabylove Mon 16-Apr-12 01:16:16

We find out online tomorrow morning. Our first choice is my old primary school & is always extremely oversubscribed! 9 hours to go!! eeeee :S

startail Mon 16-Apr-12 01:43:05

100% here DDs primary is horribly under subscribed, not helped by the bastards at ofsted down grading the school to satisfactory for bugger all reason.

Nice village school, but birthrate has fallen and house prices rises a few years back meant nice families who were renting couldn't buy.

We now have too many well of commuters, who send their DDs to private schools.

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 16-Apr-12 11:35:31

another one on the verge of wetting herself here, we live 0.09 miles away from a v good infants school (OFSTED outstanding, not that counts for everything) but the area is massively oversubscribed so not counting my chickens. Haven't been this nervous since uni!

sunnyday123 Mon 16-Apr-12 13:08:01

0.09 miles and still worried? shock I would love to live 0.09 miles from my 1st choice! grin

or should that be 0.9?!

curiousparent Mon 16-Apr-12 13:10:58

7 more sleeps sunny grin

sunnyday123 Mon 16-Apr-12 13:13:20

i know!!!! or should that be 7 more sleepless sleeps grin

Last night i was so anxious i gave myself a headache and literally threw 2 large wines down just to grab a few hours! These LEA's have no idea what they put us through!

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 16-Apr-12 14:34:05

nope, 0.09 miles - you'd think it was a done deal - but I live in densely populated North London smile

roadkillbunny Mon 16-Apr-12 17:35:42

Yikes Cuppa shock I am not sure I have ever heard of a school that filled up in under 0.09 miles, how far away was the last child given a place last year?

Kellibabylove so have you now found out? do come and tell us if you have got the outcome you wanted or if things have not gone well.

As we find out we will have to post because I am nosey our outcomes. I know in my sensible head that ds will get a place at the village school yet I am still anxious about finding out on Friday, it is so oversubscribed, it is a wonderful school so unsurprisingly lots of people want a place there and we are just in the lucky position of living in the village and also having dd in Y2 already. I still can't quite believe how much we landed on our feet really, we moved here when dd was 16 months, we didn't even look at the school (we rent so always figure that we could move if needed) or pre-school, we found later that both are outstanding on paper and reality (a rare thing indeed it seems!) and we are firmly in catchment but I am still worrying I made some kind of mistake on the form, I must have checked it over 20 times before the deadline but I still worry, the school business is just crazy and only 4 years until dd will be moving onto secondary and that can of worms!

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 16-Apr-12 17:40:00

roadkillbunny 0.241, 26 of the places went to siblings, the other 34 were based on distance, so I guess as long as there aren't circa 34 children living less than 0.09 miles away we should be OK. I am overthinking it aren't I smile

headfairy Mon 16-Apr-12 18:29:37

Can I join in please? I've been fretting for weeks now (well, since Jan 15th truth be told blush) as we're just on the cusp for my first choice. Our nearest school is a Catholic school we dont' qualify for, my next nearest is failing, so I've put our third nearest first. Last year the furthest admitted child was 800m away. We're 900m away.

But this year, they added a bulge class! Oh God, let that be enough to get ds in <crosses everything>

I can't believe the emails won't be sent out until the evening of the 18th. It's going to be agony waiting, and I know I'm going to have to field calls from my family all bloody day!

AlexandraMary Mon 16-Apr-12 18:43:43

budge up everyone, I'm on here too.

waiting for infant and junior places here. so nervous.

roadkillbunny Mon 16-Apr-12 18:51:37

I hope it isn't evening for us, they just say emails will be sent out on the 20th for those who applied online and 2nd class letters will be posted to all applicants on the 20th. When we applied for dd to start I did a paper application not realising that online ones got emails while I had to wait for a letter, I got to pre-school and walked straight into all the conversations about how not all catchment children had got a place and no out of catchment sibling had, I knew logical we were fine, people who lived further from the school then us who didn't have siblings (like us then) had got a place but the two days waiting for the letter were hell!
I know this year the in catchment demand is not as high as with dd's year, there are 20 places and my friend and I have gone as far as counting every child we know in catchment and who are out of catchment but have siblings and we still can't to 20 but we know there will be some who aren't involved in village life who may have gone to day nurserys due to parents working so we are not aware of them, there aren't any such in the village but may be in the surrounding ones (also catchment) but we would still be higher on the list even if we didn't have a sibling... In short I am over thinking, we are fine but ...arghhh!!

whattodoo Mon 16-Apr-12 18:56:31

Me too!
What's even worse, I thought it was today we found out, only to discover we've got another 48 hours to get through.
Either of our first 2 choices would be fine, but our 3rd would be a logistical headache and any others would be nigh on impossible.
Good luck, everyone!

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