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i want to buy the letters and sounds framework

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Jezabelle Tue 10-Apr-12 21:46:15

I just want to buy the book which sets out in detail what letters and sounds entails at each phase. Why can I not find how to order this online? Am I just being. Bit thick?

AbigailS Tue 10-Apr-12 21:54:15

Its free to download here:

MiaWallace Wed 11-Apr-12 07:23:21

If you want a hard copy you can buy them on ebay

mrz Wed 11-Apr-12 07:57:12


Jezabelle Wed 11-Apr-12 08:59:56

Thanks all. Unfortunately my computer is broken abi and phone refusing to download at mo! Will look on eBay MIA. Mrs, ha ha, good question! I'm a teacher but not worked for years having had my family. I've been supply teaching recently but want to build up my resources. Dd1 in year 1 too and I'm interested in knowing exactly where she's at. I've also been asked to undertake some private tuition and want to gem up. So, any other literature that you could recommend would be gratefully received. I'm a big fan of SP but it wasn't how I was trained so although I have done quite a bit of reading up online I would love to find out more.

maverick Wed 11-Apr-12 09:15:16

I hope you find the following helpful:

Re. the 'Letters and Sounds' programme.
DfE 2012: ''This publication has been archived. It has been made available for reference use but should not be considered to reflect current policy or guidance''.
N.B. teaching of reading begins in Phase 2. Caution: This is an unscripted, deliberately resourceless, 'bare-bones' programme, originally provided as a stop-gap/fall-back programme for schools. It is NOT recommended for use without very high-quality training. Also note that children should not be asked to memorise as whole shapes any of the 300 high frequency words listed in L&S - see L&S Notes of Guidance p16

LizzyDFE Wed 11-Apr-12 09:55:59

There are also other resources mentioned on this page, which you might find helpful:

TES forums are also a good place to go to share resources or to get specialist advice from other teachers (when you're back online of course).

mrz Wed 11-Apr-12 10:12:56

If you are planning on using your own money to buy phonics resources I would recommend looking at other programs rather than Letter & Sounds.

maverick Wed 11-Apr-12 12:29:16

I agree with mrz, if you've money to spend then use it on resources designed to be used alongside one of the advanced synthetic phonics programmes such as Phonics International or Sounds-Write, not Letters and Sounds. Even better, get a decent training -there are trainers out there who are willing to provide excellent synthetic phonics training to individuals.

PastSellByDate Wed 11-Apr-12 13:05:36

Hi Jezabelle:

lots of advice/ suggestions there. I'd just add alphablocks (BBC CBEEBIES production using phonetics system).

link here:

There's videos, games and some activities

One health warning - the songs are very memorable and you'll find yourself humming them all day long.


mrz Wed 11-Apr-12 14:04:11

We have Alphablocks reading books and software from Pearson and young children find them great fun but there aren't structured enough to stand alone as a teaching program

PastSellByDate Wed 11-Apr-12 16:45:49

Hi Jezabelle:

mrz is correct - alphabocks is a tv programme supporting phonetics teaching in school, but both girls responded very well to it and it seemed to help at that early stage of learning letter sounds.

I think from past feeds I'm correct in thinking mrz doesn't approve of this - but I have found this website (recommended by Times Education Supplement) useful as well - Mr. Thorne does Literacy (was does phonics):


mrz Wed 11-Apr-12 16:55:51

It's not that I don't approve. I think Christopher has done a lot to raise the profile of phonics but unfortunately not everything on the site is 100% accurate so if you aren't confident in your own phonics knowledge then you could end up teaching false information.

Jezabelle Wed 11-Apr-12 17:25:35

Hi, thanks for all your suggestions, very much appreciated. Mrz I will look through all those links. I am personally not a fan of alphablocks. Have only seen the program on tv. I object to it being on whilst children are at school, (so watched by lots of pre schoolers), and letter names are used instead of sounds whereas pre schoolers should be learning the sounds first. I guess it could be for teachers' use but if a child is being taught to read words as basic as duck, they should still be using phonetic sounds as oppose to letter names iyswim! I am willing to believe that other parts of the programme are useful, but I've sort of been put off it now!

mrz Wed 11-Apr-12 17:34:16

Panzee Wed 11-Apr-12 21:46:04

I don't recall Alphablocks using letter names? I was all impressed because it pronounces the sounds properly, not using cuh, muh etc.

spammertime Wed 11-Apr-12 21:55:38

I agree, have only ever seen alphablocks using phonetic sounds. Was v useful (as a parent) to get the hang of pronunciation when DS was a preschooler!

Jezabelle Wed 11-Apr-12 22:16:39

[Blush] perhaps I'm getting alphablocks mixed up with another (pants) program! Just ignore me!

I like what I've seen of phonics international BTW. Unfortunately I cannot access the other links at the mo as they need to be downloaded and my phone's playing up!

Jezabelle Wed 11-Apr-12 22:25:21

Yes! I was getting alphablocks mixed up with super why, (which is rubbish!)

Panzee Thu 12-Apr-12 14:35:47

Aha, I've not seen Super Why.

spammertime Thu 12-Apr-12 20:04:16

Ugh, I have... and can see why you were so reluctant to use it. It's awful!

Very different to Alphablocks which is useful as a parent. We particularly like "r" in this house!

goslinguyn Tue 09-Apr-13 12:19:05

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mrz Tue 09-Apr-13 12:42:30

Is it your shop on ebay goslinguyn?

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