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Cumnor House School

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CumnorHouseParent Thu 29-Mar-12 23:49:26

Unorthodox this may be, but I thought I may as well try on here smile I have already posted this on the Education board and shall also post on the Preschool education board, so apologies in advance for the duplication.

My DS starts at Cumnor House School in South Croydon in September 2012; specifically the Treetops Nursery based on Woodcote Lane. He'll be there for 2 years until he transfers to Year 1 over on Pampisford Road. Whilst there, he will start at 08:00AM in the morning, stay on at the afternoon club then finish between 17:00PM and 18:00PM (yet to decide on a specific finish time).

We live in South Norwood and neither I nor his father hold a valid driver's licence yet, which means either
(a) taking public transport (approximately an hour's journey door to door); or
(b) going with him in a taxi
to drop him off and pick him up.

We have settled on the latter for practicality reasons and should be able to afford it, although it is of course an extra cost which may be partly avoidable.

I was wondering if there are any parents on here with children at/soon to be starting at Cumnor House (Woodcote Lane) who are in a similar predicament, live nearby to us or en route to the school and would be interested in sharing taxis there and back. Failing that, I had considered waiting till DS starts there and perhaps then finding a parent who would be happy to share the cost and convenience of a taxi or a driving parent/carer who would be happy to assist with us accompanying DS to drop-offs/pick-ups with us more than happily contributing towards the cost of petrol etc.

I understand that asking or arranging for this to happen every single school day might be an unwelcome imposition (be that for cost or other reasons), so set days would also be a possibility.

If this is something that would interest you, then please do get in touch, either on here or via the PM system.

EBDteacher Fri 30-Mar-12 06:48:55

Would it not quickly pay for itself for you to learn to drive and run a tiny car?

CumnorHouseParent Fri 30-Mar-12 08:51:21

DS's father plans to take his theory test later this year and arrange driving lessons soon after. For reasons I would prefer to not go into, my taking and passing the theory and practical tests over the next two years isn't feasible.

We've also worked out that over a two year period, arranging pick-ups and drop-offs either of the ways described above would work out cheaper than owning, driving and using a car for the same period (initial outlay, all-day station parking, insurance, MOT, petrol etc), especially given that once he moves to the other site for Year 1, the need for these special arrangements would be almost entirely negated.

roadkillbunny Fri 30-Mar-12 08:57:17

I would contact the school and see if they could put an email r letter out to the other parents of the school outlining what you have said in your post, much more effective and far more likely to get you results.
Good luck

CumnorHouseParent Fri 30-Mar-12 09:15:31

Thanks roadkillbunny. I wasn't sure whether the school would be happy to do this before my DS starts there, but will ask them later today.

Mou123 Sun 12-May-13 21:26:45

Hello CumnorHouseParent,

DId you find any car pool or similar service? DOes the school offer a bus service?

Thanks Mou

Leeds2 Sun 12-May-13 21:51:28

There is a regular pre and post school minibus between the Pampisford Road and Woodcote Lane sites.

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