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Shrivenham Primary School or Watchfield Primary School?

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Wifepot Wed 21-Mar-12 17:42:20

Anyone know anything about either of them??

madwomanintheattic Wed 21-Mar-12 22:59:53


Dd1 went to watchfield. It was amazing. I was totally freaked out about the high numbers of eal children etc etc, and wondered how on earth they could possibly cope, but it was brilliant. They have fantastic eal support for the high percentage of children, and dd1 had no problems at all. Ds1 was in the ore school attached (well, ok, it isn't attached, but the early years unit next door) and that was equally brilliant.

I had a lot of friends that chose to send their CDs to shriv primary. It's exactly what you would expect, small middle class rural primary. No surprises, and also I believe v good. Culturally, I believe the CDs get a whole lot more out of watchfield, and academically I had no concerns (docs are all top of the class blah, and were not forgotten in any way).

It was a while ago, but if it's the same ht, def go for it. He was lovely! Very vibrant school. Have you visited?

madwomanintheattic Wed 21-Mar-12 23:00:19

Dc has obv been autocorrected...

madwomanintheattic Wed 21-Mar-12 23:00:53

Ore? Pre...

Wifepot Thu 29-Mar-12 14:55:53

Great, thanks for that, big help. I've now found people with experiences and both very positive which is great. Hopefully we'll get the chance to look around before we apply. As it's only for a year being with other kids that are new and making friends from scratch might be an advantage.

Emimp Wed 05-Mar-14 06:14:03

I wonder if you could let me know how you got on? I am currently having the same decision debate and prob no opportunity to visit. We will be on a 3 year tour, so the mass outpour of pupils annually and the effect that has on those left behind is a concern in Watchfield. I know both schools are fab, BUT this worries me. does my little one not living along side chums, that is what he wants! Any advise very gratefully received! x

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