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Sherborne House School. Help!

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MaySouth Wed 15-Feb-12 10:24:45

Hi! I am relocating to Chandlers Ford from abroad and I would appreciate oppinions on this school. Thanks!

TalkinPeace2 Wed 15-Feb-12 10:33:43

The kids seem to come out OK. A bit spoilt some of them - but that is the parents as much as anything.
It has a decent reputation.
Stroud and HCS are the two main local competitors
that and the state schools - which if you are in the right bits of CF are well worth a look.

barnowl Wed 15-Feb-12 15:53:52

I worked there a few years ago when I was doing NVQ3 childcare and I thought it was a lovely school. The teachers were really caring and there was a real family atmosphere about the place. They were great at meeting the needs of all the children across the spectrum. If I could afford it I'd send my kids there.

MaySouth Thu 16-Feb-12 09:09:40

Thank you very much for your feedback. My daughter has got English as second language. She understands English, but does not speak it, and she is also a shy girl. This is why I am looking at a private school with small classes where she can get a bit more attention until she learns the language. Thank you again for your responses, they help me a lot!!!

TalkinPeace2 Thu 16-Feb-12 10:34:05

Stroud might be well worth a look - it is a much "cuddlier" school than Sherborne

but TBH this whole part of Hampshire (stay outside the Southampton boundary) is ridiculously overendowed with decent schools.

MaySouth Thu 16-Feb-12 18:40:49

TalkinPeace2, thank you for your comments. I did look at Stroud, but it´s out of my budget. Too expensive. It´s fees are close to those of St Swithuns in Winchester which is, in theory, much better school. Also I was horrified by the first picture in their website...everything there looks to mee too formal and old fashioned.
There is an open day in Sherborne in March, I´ll try to go. I have seen that they have an specific policy for children with English as second language.

I have also seen that there is a state Catholic School in the area (St Swithuns Wells) which results are quite good. I will also visit it, to check on its class size and atmosphere.


TalkinPeace2 Thu 16-Feb-12 20:30:45

All the state schools in Chandlers for will be full - 30 kids to a class - but do not let that put you off.
CF is a VERY middle good area - Thornden is one of the highest academic rated comps in the country and Peter Symonds for 6th form is fab.
The up side of which is that the private schools are really on their toes!

Central southampton has a huge population of Poles (the congregate here because apparently we are friendlier than many cities) so is used to English as 2nd language.
CG is mostly white, with a few Chinese and Asians so English as second language will be something to get clear evidence on.
Good luck with it.

MaySouth Tue 21-Feb-12 09:53:36

TalkinPeace2, thank you for the valuable info. Just one more thing, you mentioned that CF is a VERY middle class area. My husband is going to work in New Forrest, that's why we are looking to move to CF-Romsey area, as it is close to his work, but also to Winchester that I love. Could you recommend middle class (without the VERY) or professional Class areas or neighbourhoods around there?

Sorry for giving you so much hassle, but you have been very helpful.


LittenTree Wed 22-Feb-12 14:30:36

I'd be careful about the Chandlers Ford/New Forest drive- just a word of caution! The M27 can be a car park during the holiday season as can the roads from it down into the forest.

But as concerns CF- had you considered Wood Hill school? It's a small private primary and gets DCs through to private secondaries (and Thornden, of course).

My DC go and went to a state primary in CF that is catchmented to Thornden. There is as bit of a belief around these parts that unless you're 'prepping' for schools like St Swithuns or Winchester College, you just might be considered to have more money than sense if you choose private over the local primaries. I am not sure if that is fair or not! I know of 3 DC who went to Wood Hill; one, the DS of an Asian co-worker of mine who wanted her Y3 DS to have at least 3/4 an hour of homework a night AND wanted the 'wrap around care' provided; one whose local primary (several miles away) wasn't very good at all, and one whose mum felt he needed a boot up the rear prior to secondary (the DS only did Y6 there) and wanted the long days.

I know of 2 separate DCs at SH whose parents are complete snobs and would never have considered allowing their DCs to darken the doors of a state school- so hardly a representative sample!

If you head to Romsey, my recommendations would be Halterworth primary and Mountbatten secondary (both state), or Hampshire Collegiate (private) which is 3-18.

MaySouth Fri 24-Feb-12 16:30:47

LittenTree, thank you for your comments.
oh! I hope Serborne House is not a snob school!
I have not considered WoodHill because It is one of the cheapest private schools in Hampshire, if not the cheaper, and I thought it was not a good sign.
and HCS is too expensive. I don´t know!!!!!! for some reason I have got a good feeling with Sherborne House, but will see in the Open Day.
Would it be too complicated to live in west Romsey, so my husband would get "easy" access from New Forrest, and to drive my daughter in Sherborne House....

TalkinPeace2 Fri 24-Feb-12 17:41:56

My DCs are at school in Romsey.
CF is great for access to the M27 but Litten is quite right about the traffic on it
especially in the summer - on the other hand if your DH is working in the forest he'll be against the flow on a Friday night!

I have to admit I was not aware of Woodhill, but actually I recognise their blazers from the gym.
SH has some snobby parents and some lovely ones, but the 'princess' quotient is quite high!
If you were to move towards Romsey, Halterworth is excellent - but the catchments in Romsey are all going to go pear shaped shortly when the Abbotswood houses get lived in. West of Romsey, Wellow is also in the MB catchment (don't ask why) and Wellow school goes through good patches.

All in all, we are VERY VERY lucky in this area to have a real choice of really good schools. Whatever you do your kids will thrive round here.

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