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Dulwich College Junior School

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klarabstarr Sun 03-Feb-13 10:09:01

What did you end up deciding? We're in the same position 1 year on, having also received an offer from Dulwich Prep and still waiting to hear from the much geographically closer Eltham College ... Have your sons been attending DC from September 2012 and if so, what are your feelings?

katza Tue 07-Feb-12 12:22:16


Mill46 Sun 05-Feb-12 10:01:43

we have as well. Just not sure. I am hearing that if you want them to go to the senior school then it is a good bet. Many kids get into DC at 11+ from all kinds of back grounds ( including state ) and my son is not that sporty so I am considering saving money and opting for the local school for a few more years .... its a hard one .

katza Sat 04-Feb-12 19:23:44

Our son just been offered a place at Dulwich College Junior school (Year 3). Any parents out there who have got their son at the school? What do you think of the teaching and kids at the school? Do you think the school is academic enough or just for boys who are good at sports? Any views from current and past parents would be very much appreciated !!!!

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