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Reserve list for 7+ prep....What are our chances?!

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londonstressedmummy Fri 03-Feb-12 12:56:39

We've just found out that my ds is on the reserve list for CC school in London. He did really well to pass the exam and get to interview stage as his pre prep goes up until 8+ so didn't prepare him at all. We've been told there are a handful of boys on the list and now just have to be patient and wait to see if any of the definite places choose another school.
Does anyone have any experience of this? I just want to know either way, being in limbo is killing me and I just keep jumping everytime the phone rings!...Help!

blueyonder22 Fri 03-Feb-12 16:22:17

Unfortunately it will be a waiting game and your fingernails will be gone. Unfortunately as it is one of the most prestigious/in demand schools there will be fewer people declining. I would have thought that it would only be the boys of parents who also got into kings that might not take up a place.... My daughter got into leh a few years ago and no one from the waiting list was offered a place but the year before 4 did get offered places from the waiting list. The very best of luck!

londonstressedmummy Fri 03-Feb-12 19:47:44

Thanks blueyonder22 my fingernails have practically disappeared! The school secretary basically said the same thing too that some years everyone on the list gets in and some years none of them do. I do know that there were lots of Wetherby boys so maybe some of them will opt for westminster under school as they tend to try for both schools and the boys of CC calibre usually pass the WUS exam too. I know I'm clutching at straws and it will take a miracle, I don't even know where we are on the list or how many boys there are, i was only told there were a handful! It just feels such a shame to have got so far to fall at the last hurdle!!

TennisMom Sat 04-Feb-12 20:20:42

London..: there is hope for you as someone will decline. My DS got offers from both Colet Court and Westminster Under School but for 8+ entry so we will have to decline one, unfortunately. There is hope for 1 family on the 8+ waitlist.

Michaelahpurple Sun 05-Feb-12 15:09:27

Am watching two of my friends who are the other way round - waitlisted at 8+ for WUs and hoping some double-offerers go to CC. I suspect a lot of tension around the town this week!

good luck

sleeplessinSWLondon Sun 05-Feb-12 15:18:14

We're on the wait list for one of the leading London preps and hoping for some movement next week. If anyone is holding more than one offer for CC/WUS/KCJS et al it would be great if you could decline the ones you don't want asap rather than taking it up to the wire - I don't think my nerves can stand much more!

By the way for those of you with offers and/or wait list places could you share your DS month of birth? I am trying to work out whether boys born in the summer months have a chance of ever getting offers at 7+ or if the odds improve dramatically for them at 8+, 10+ and 11+.

Elsjas Sun 05-Feb-12 16:33:09

My son has a July birthday. He got three offers out of three at 7+, including Kings but he didn't take CC or WU as they are not easy to get to from where we live. Everyone said that he would be at a huge disadvantage because of his age, but I think he was too young to feel any pressure or stress so just took it all in his stride.

londonstressedmummy Mon 06-Feb-12 13:30:08

Wow Elsjas well done to your DS, I guess it gives me a tiny bit of hope knowing there's at least one space at CC! it just depends how many are on the waiting list! do you mind me asking if you've let the schools know already? It would be interesting to know as they said they'd let as know at once if there was any movement.
I think you're right, they're so young that it doesn't bother them as much as we think, the CC exam day was so lovely DS said he had a blast! I think you made the right choice with KCS and going for a school close by as the commute is probably more of a problem than the pressure of school! At least he'll be close enough for playdates and I've heard a lot of the KCS boys are local too. I'm sure he'll be very happy there.

Tennismom thanks for your sweet words of comfort I needed it at the moment! smile

Sleepless I hope it works out for you and if the school is CC I'd love it if you could let me know if you get a call in the next few days, Good luck!

Now it's just waiting time!

Nordicmom Mon 06-Feb-12 21:06:41

We've just declined Kings and gone for CC so hopefully someone will be very happy soon to get our place!

lalafifi Mon 06-Feb-12 22:21:09

Good luck !

londonstressedmummy Wed 08-Feb-12 10:47:55

Thanks lalafifi, we find out tomorrow morning!

Azure Wed 08-Feb-12 11:09:52

I know someone who finally got his 7+ place at CC (from the waiting list) a week after he returned to his prep school in September! Left the prep on the Friday, started CC on the Monday.

sleeplessinSWLondon Wed 08-Feb-12 11:11:42

When is the CC acceptance deadline? Is it today or tomorrow?

Correctmeifiamwrong Wed 08-Feb-12 12:27:38

Lunchtime today, isnt it?

londonstressedmummy Wed 08-Feb-12 12:52:12

Azure, that would still be good news to save us going through it all next year! he only did the cc exam this year but next year he'll have to leave hi sore prep so if he doesn't get in this year we'll have to do at least 3 exams!

Sleepless the deadline's tomorrow, i called the school ( though worried they now think I'm too pushy!) i was told they'll start making calls in the morning so we really will be sleepless tonight! Good luck! I'm trying to get in the frame of mind that if it's meant to be it's meant to be, I was worried that if ds was borderline maybe he should wait until next year but a friend who's son's already at CC said there's usually only a mark in it between the boys that got definite places and the ones on the waiting list. Does your DS have to leave his pre prep this year? Nice to have someone else in the same boat as me (though not a great boat to be in!) smile

sleeplessinSWLondon Wed 08-Feb-12 13:31:16

DS doesn't have to leave his school yet so no worries there. He is, in fact, incredibly happy where he is so it seems somewhat mean to contemplate moving him! He has a best friend who is an absolute soul mate and who keeps him on his toes academically.

My main motivation is for him to join my older DS who is already at the school in question. For anyone with DS with places this year be warned none of these schools have any sibling priority so many younger brothers have been turned down.

Best of luck for tomorrow.

Correctmeifiamwrong Wed 08-Feb-12 13:45:42

We are playing the waiting game too.

The deadline was supposed to be today (midday) but some people haven't actually bothered/managed to get their forms and cheques in.

If it was my school... I'd chop them off the list! What are they waiting for???

Beenthereandnotnice Wed 08-Feb-12 14:41:53

Please also be aware that the preps over-offer - as I was told they over-offer like an aeroplane is overbooked on each flight. This means that they do take into account the fact that some people will turn them down. So just because you know people who have turned down offers, does not mean they will go to the waitlist angry

Best of luck to all though - it is absolutely hellish and then even worse when you get the letter saying that they are not moving to the waitlist.

impatientmum Wed 08-Feb-12 14:58:10

We are also on a waiting list for wus for 7+. They did say they havent got all forms back and are waiting till tmrw to know how many places have been taken. Unfortunately just have to wait and see what happens. fingers crossed

londonstressedmummy Wed 08-Feb-12 16:49:01

We got in! I can't believe they called my DH instead of me, all this time I was jumping every time the phone rang and they had his number not mine all along! We heard at around 2.30 so i got to surprise DS when I picked him up from school.

You were right correctmeifiamwrong it was today! they kept saying tomorrow maybe to get me off their backs! Hope it's good news for you too sleepless..and impatient mum. The waiting is really hellish and I hope it's over for you very soon smile

impatientmum Wed 08-Feb-12 16:54:45

Congratulations londonstressedmummy! well done you can relax! I hope we find out soon as well!

sleeplessinSWLondon Wed 08-Feb-12 18:15:09

Well done londonstressed mummy! CC was not not the one we have our eyes on so maybe tomorrow or friday will bring good news for us.

Nordicmom Wed 08-Feb-12 19:34:08

London are you 7+ or 8+ for CC? We're 7+ and hoping to find out who's joining him there next sep !

londonstressedmummy Wed 08-Feb-12 20:23:38

Nordicmom we're 7+ as well!

Nordicmom Thu 09-Feb-12 07:00:59

Ok well I guess we'll see you there in sep then . Congrats ! CC was our first choice so very happy to get a place...

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