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Midsomer Norton/Radstock Nr Bath Area

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whichschool12 Mon 16-Jan-12 22:59:23

I'm thinking this is a long shot but we currently live in Bath. DS is in year 3, DD in reception. We're looking to move towards Norton/Radstock due to DH's job. We went to look at St Johns this week but weren't too sure, saw Midsomer Norton primary and really liked the school and the headmaster but the building works ongoing put us off a bit, Welton was a no-no. We're still to look around St Nicholas, Peasedown Primary and Trinity.

Does anyone have any advice re these schools?

Aldwick Sun 02-Mar-14 13:54:24

Old thread I know but if you're still around I just wondered where you ended up as it's an area we're also considering.

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