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Reddiford, Alpha, Buxlow, Quainton or Orley

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swaaati Sun 15-Jan-12 16:53:13

Will appreciate feedback on above schools from parents of current or past students on
1. pastoral care
2. quality of teaching, extra curricular activities
3. Preparation for 11+ exams, how much homework do they bring back home, are there mock tests etc as part of preparation?
4. Is there a good teacher pupil ratio? do the pupils get one to one attention? are the parent kept informed of the progress?
5. Is there good relationship between pupils and teachers? Are the pupils fearful of teachers? is the discipline too much or is it just right?

Also what is the difference between traditional and non traditional style of prep school. Are the traditional school more academic and strict about their own code of conduct. Is Reddiford traditional?

AadamsMom Sun 15-Jan-12 20:54:48

Hello! I'm not a current parent but I've visited Reddiford and Orley this year and have had assesments for my 4 year old son who shall be starting this year. Orley was great and the environment was beautiful but it was a bit big for my liking. I've accepted the place at Reddiford as it seems to be a small, friendly and modern school with great emphasis on academics. The only issue is that it does not serve hot meals and my son is not a big packed lunch fan and for that reason I am having second thoughts. All the schools you have mentioned are great but I would def have a look at Reddiford, Alpha and Orley. Is this for a son or a daughter as another school which seemed to have great pastoral care was Buckingham College Prep. I hope this helps.

swaaati Sun 15-Jan-12 22:56:35

Hi AadamsMom,

Thank you for your post. I have not visited the middle school at Reddiford so not sure whether they prepare pupils for 11+. Would you know whether they do?

Also, how would you compare Alpha with Reddiford? Alpha states that it is a traditional school, is the methodology very different from Reddiford. They seem to stress a lot on discipline and children seem very well behaved and perhaps a little timid. I am wondering whether they create followers rather than leaders?

AadamsMom Wed 18-Jan-12 10:45:31

Reddiford do prepare for the 11+ and in fact are very successful at doing so - as is visible by past results. I'm not really sure with regards to Alpha as I have never visited or thought about that school due to distance. A very good friend of mine did say that it is very good and that she will want her boy to go there once he is old enough. Have you looked at Buckingham College Prep - it's a boy's prep school with small classes and strong emphasis on pastoral care?

swaaati Wed 18-Jan-12 17:48:12


I have just looked at Buckingham college prep and it seems very good. I have requested for the prospectus and an appointment. It is for my DS. He is currently at QH nursery, and very happy there. They have managed to build his interest in learning. QH was our first choice for some time before we found out that they dont prepare for 11+.

We are keen for DS to go to grammer school so the stress on 11+ prep. I have looked at Buxlow and Alpha, and the preparation seems very thorough. Bucks seems like a more happening place though, just hope it is not too late.

swaaati Thu 19-Jan-12 16:05:51

Have you read the inspection report for Buckingham College prep?

sunee Mon 28-May-12 11:22:28

Hi AadamsMom

Has your son joined reddiford.We are in the process of moving from east london to harrow.? My son will be joining year 5 spet 2012 . Do you have any comments on reddiford approach to 11+ preparation ?


sunee Mon 28-May-12 11:25:32

Hi swaaati

Did you join your son in Buckingham college prep??
My son will be joining year 5 spet 2012 . Do you have any comments on reddiford approach to 11+ preparation ?


Izzie74 Sat 15-Nov-14 19:53:59

Buckingham out does all the other schools for being small and friendly, with staff that really care.

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