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Primary schools in Dorking

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CathEliz Sun 01-Jan-12 21:08:43

We are planning on moving to Dorking (in July) and have three children currently in Reception, Year 2 and Year 4. Looking for advice on getting our children into primary school - which schools would you recommend? How likely are we to get our preferences? How can we improve our chances?

Thanks for any advice!

Silverstreet Mon 02-Jan-12 10:19:23

I would concentrate on finding a place for your youngest first. If you find a school you like that can take the youngest, assuming there is a sibling rule this will help you with your application for the 2 older ones, and there is more flexibility once you are in KS2 as there is no infant class size limit (this is 30 in KS1), so you would have more chance at appeal for the older ones.

I am not near enough to know which schools are better, but this link shows you the applications and allocations for Sept 2011 reception places, which will give you an idea of where there might be places in Dorking in reception year. You can tell which were oversubscribed as these give a distance cut off (eg St Martins and Surrey Hills), whereas others (St Josephs, St Paul's and Powell Corderoy) did not. Still worth speaking to all the schools as things do change.

The other thing to think about is ensuring that you are not too far away from a good secondary school too given this is not too far away for your eldest. You can use the secondary section of the same website to see where the cut off was for these versus where you are looking to live as a guide.

Silverstreet Mon 02-Jan-12 10:22:51

Sorry - forgot to say that as you will be doing in year admissions, if there is a space and you apply, you wil be allocated it, it does not matter if you are not that near, if you are not catholic for a catholic school etc.

LIZS Mon 02-Jan-12 10:28:36

Actually I think you may be better looking for a year 3 place for your middle child in September (as then outside infant class size restrictions) and then getting others priority as siblings for year 1 and 5 admission. St Johns will probably be the most likely to have spaces for all but may not be your choice.

MigratingCoconutsInTheNewYear Mon 02-Jan-12 11:56:30

I don't know the primary schools so well but just wanted to say congratulations because dorking is a lovely place to live and i have very fond memories of it.

Dorking has two secondary schools with sixth forms. The largest is The Ascombe school and traditionaly has been seen as 'better' because it came out of the old Grammer school. Its very large.

The Priory school is a much smaller school which used to be the old secondary modern and is now Church of England. Over recent years, it has gained a nice reputation because of its size. both schools feed from Dorking and surrounding areas and I can't see a probelm getting into either if you are based in the town itself.

CathEliz Mon 02-Jan-12 19:41:02

Thanks everyone for all your help so far. It is really helpful. I shall check out the link and start visiting the schools. Thanks again!

blueloon Wed 12-Sep-12 12:08:47


It looks like we are moving to Dorking! It feels like it is happening a little fast for me and I am worried about choosing the right school for my yr 2 girl and a state nursery place for my 4 yr old boy . I also need to apply by jan15th for a reception place for him. Can anyone recommend good nurseries? There doesn't seem to be many options. We are looking at Powell Corderoy School and wonder how it is viewed in the community? Had a look round and it seemed nice but so different from the London Primary she now attends. At the moment we live in SW London and really like the country feel of Dorking and the prospect of great High schools. I will be gutted to leave friends and community we have built up here and am concerned that I will feel isolated in Dorking. has anyone made this move and felt similar and can give me any advice?

SizzleSazz Wed 12-Sep-12 22:44:11

I have family with DC at St Pauls and Ashcombe (this DC went all the way through St Pauls). Very happy with both schools.

Elsiemary Thu 13-Sep-12 11:30:40

Hi , just posted message as we have just moved to Dorking, but not sure if it cam through so this is a test.....

Elsiemary Thu 13-Sep-12 11:40:42

It obviously didn't! Yes, we moved to Dorking in July. My son has just started in Y7 at The Priory and my daughter in Y5 at Powell Corderoy. Bit early to say what the schools are like but both children seem happy and I don't have to ask them to get out of bed on a morning!
Dorking itself seems lovely, I can't find any negatives so far... apart from house prices... but I am a 'northerner' so it will take a bit of getting used to I suppose!
We chose Dorking as it is close to Leatherhead where my 'dh' works. I love the fact that we can hop on a train into London and be there in 50 minutes. Obviously we didn't have that luxury when we were up North, I suppose you will be moving further away but it feels close to me! The countryside is beautiful and so far we are enjoying living here smile

wawawoo142 Tue 28-Feb-17 15:25:15

Just looking for an update on this. We are thinking about moving to Dorking this summer and Powell Corderoy is a school I am interested in visiting to see if it'd be a good fit for my Yr 3 and Yr 5 girls. We are not interested in church schools and would like to be in catchment for Ashcombe. Also interested in how everyone is enjoying their move to Dorking? We are not from the area either and I am keen to be part of a welcoming active community. thanks!

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