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Reddiford School in Pinner - Views please?

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AadamsMom Wed 16-Nov-11 18:28:45

Hi my 4 year old has been offered a place at Reddiford and the acceptance deadline is in 2 weeks. However, his Orley Farm assessment isn't until January. Shall I accept Reddiford or risk waiting until Jan in case he gets into Orley. Does anyone have experience of Reddiford school? Grateful for any help. Thanks.

mumteacher Thu 17-Nov-11 22:41:33

It's a small school, very nurturing. Orley farm is very competitive and their assessments always include a physical element to it.

Good luck

stikmatix Mon 28-Nov-11 13:03:06

Sorry, I have come to the discussion late as I haven't read MN for ages.

My DS is in Year 2 at Reddiford. He joined last year, we were living abroad before that. DS is very happy there, has friends and is doing fine. He is a quiet and gentle boy and Reddiford suits him - much more so than any of the other prep schools in the area. There is none of that "rugby culture" that is found in some private schools.

The academic standards are high and the Year 6 students all seem to get into the schools they want. DH and I are really not into the whole prep school thing (too much pressure) and find it unfair that there are so few through-schools that take boys in the area (our girls go to a girls' school which goes up to 18), but knowing that we really had to go down the prep route, we are pleased with our choice, and the other parents I know are happy with the school too.

So I guess the bottom line is that if I were in your position, I would accept the place. As far as I remember, the deposit was 300 pounds, so if you changed your mind later it's not as massive as the deposits some other schools ask for...

GL and let me know what you decide. Also feel free to PM me if you like.

AadamsMom Tue 06-Dec-11 17:53:49

Thanks for the useful feedback guys. I've accepted the place and will make the final decision in Jan after his other assessments. I think I'm just really concerned about making the right decision.

Stikmatix - what are the sports facilities like? Do they go swimming every week? As well as wanting an academic school I want one that will help build confidence in my little boy as he is quite shy and quiet.

I have looked at the results and they look really good - I guess the advantage with Reddiford is that they have the option of sitting the 11+ which Orley Farm does not give. The only negative I can see is that they don't provide hot meals sad

I also have to factor in the commute from Ruislip - I dislike driving and so am dreading September 2012 LOL. Do you know whether Reddiford has a car share service? I know Orley has.


stikmatix Tue 06-Dec-11 20:56:56

Aadamsmom - we live in Ruislip too! The commute to Reddiford is easy and quick, much better than Orley Farm would be. If you dislike driving then you will find the commute to Orley a pain in the butt! Now, I have my DDs to drop off at school in Northwood, so I do a fair bit of running around, but if I only had DS to drop off at Reddiford - piece of cake. If you hate driving then the H13 bus goes from Ruislip to Pinner, and would drop you off really close to the school if any day you didn't fancy driving. You would probably be able to figure out car share with someone once school got started, the school is small enough to get to know people, plus school or PTA would be able to get word around by e-mail too. I know that some people to have arrangements in place. Not sure how many other Ruislip people are around in the school. In DS's year not too many if any....

You say your DS is quiet and shy, so is mine. I think that Reddiford is good for a child with those characteristics. Not only are the academics good, sport is fine - swimming once a week all year round, PE seems quite varied (they have a number of sports teams for the older year groups and do matches etc). As I said before there is none of this "rugby culture" which you can find in some boys' schools, you know where rugby rules supreme and if you hate it you're sad/a dork/insert any other insult. The pastoral side is good, and in DS's class they've had a lot of discussions about being a good friend, including someone who doesn't have anyone to play with etc. There are clubs, extra-curricular activities, all the typical things.

I think a lot of people overlook the school as the buildings are rather underwhelming and because they go off-site for swimming and in the older years for some PE. But for me, when we visited, the children all looked genuinely happy and enthusiastic, they were confident in a nice way. It is a school that will build confidence, as I can see it in my DS who is quite a 'late bloomer'.

Where else are you trying your DS apart from Orley? Any of the Northwood boys' schools?

AadamsMom Thu 12-Jan-12 17:05:54

Hi Stikmatix! Happy New Year! Apologies for the delay in responding - have been away for quite some time. I haven't applied to any of the other Northwood ones as they are quite far. We just had an assessment for Buckingham college prep and I was impressed with the emphasis on pastoral care there. Do you have any opinions or experience of BCP? I love Reddiford but am a bit confused as my son won't eat packed lunches...

stikmatix Sun 15-Jan-12 21:42:15

Happy new year AadamsMom!

I don't know BCP really. DD1 has a friend who lives literally next door to there and the mother says the Head is at the gate every morning greeting everyone. I take that as a good sign ,but I don't know anyone there.

The no hot lunch thing at Reddiford is a bit of a pain but DS isn't worried by it because he can gobble his packed lunch quickly and get more time to play, lol!!!! I wouldn't let that make or break a decision though, you have to choose the place where you think your DS will be happy....


sunee Sun 17-Jun-12 23:09:47

My son was offered a place at reddiford starting year5 in september 2012.
we are movning from ilford, in east london.

Do i have to look for additional tution , for 11+ and independent school preparation or the school is good enough to prepare for those exams

thanks in advance

Yogita Thu 05-Jul-12 12:11:40

Hi Sunee,
My son is starting year 4 in Sep 2012. I Would be interested to know which area are you moving??

sunee Sat 14-Jul-12 23:06:58

Hi Yogita

still looking. looking for a rental place near pinner /northharrow.
which school is ur son goining to ??

oneexhaustedmum Sun 15-Jul-12 10:39:40

Hi Sunee - Reddiford is good at preparing for the 11 + but my view is that due to the current climate and competition there may be some need for additional tutoring depending on how your son is doing. My son is starting reception at Buckingham College Prep which is near Reddiford. It is a very small boys only school.

sunee Mon 16-Jul-12 12:24:20

Hi oneexhaustedmum

thanks for your input. I need to look for some additional tution once he starts in year 5. BTW i tried in BCP as well , but they dont have a place for year 5 right now.


oneexhaustedmum Mon 16-Jul-12 17:50:50

Hi Sunee!
May I ask why you tried for BCP - had you heard about it before or have had any feedback on it? Thanks

Yogita Wed 18-Jul-12 18:46:36

Hi Sunee,
My son is going to join Reddiford for year 4 and as we are based in Wealdstone so bit worried about travelling but have heard from school that there is school bus which is run by parents only,does anybody over here have got any idea about it ? please share.Thanks

sunee Mon 23-Jul-12 14:46:04

hi yogita

we are still looking . as my self/my husband has to travel to central london everyday to work and boy to reddiford, we are looking some where close by northharrw/pinners station.
see few houses last week, and will be seeing this weekend as well. what is your post code BTW.

sunee Mon 23-Jul-12 14:49:55

Hi oneexhaustedmum

one of my friendwho lives there has suggested that BCP is good. some of here friends children have gone there.
otherthan that looking at their previous results on website , i assumed its good.

sunee Mon 23-Jul-12 14:55:46

Any suggestions/idea/advise for private tutors near pinner/northharrow area.
for 11+ and other indy schools.

oneexhaustedmum Mon 23-Jul-12 16:56:42

Sunee - that's good to hear. I chose BCP as it seemed like such a family friendly school but hadn't managed to find anybody who had sent their child there so good to get positive feedback on it. For tutoring you could try regent learning centre in Rayners Lane - they have website and I know they help with 11 + preparation.

sunee Mon 23-Jul-12 21:00:13

Hi yogita

out of intrest, what made you decide to join your son in reddiford.??

Yogita Tue 24-Jul-12 13:53:21

Actually we took interest in Alpha being nearest to our place but when we visited Reddiford,we found it more bigger in space n facilities and also of course their results made us changed our decision and also came to know abt school bus tht's why finalized Reddiford...

sunee Wed 25-Jul-12 10:17:28

Hi Yogita
even , my son gave assesment in orley farm, alpha as well and offered places , however we also choosed reddiford ,just by looking at the past results, and children looked very happy in school. the only problem being packed lunches rather than hot meals in school.

planning to move by 20 august to that area. hopefully we can finalise a place this weekend.

smittal Wed 22-May-13 21:33:15

Hi Sunee, I'also from ilford and my DD is currently in Ursuline Nursery, I am also in same situation like travelling to central London, how did you find the red iford school and area. Pls do share .

kanus Thu 03-Oct-13 09:50:53


My daughter has an assessment on 7th Oct for year 3 at Reddiford.Hope it goes well. We are planning to relocate to North harrow/Pinner. I have no idea about the place/school... Any views?

funnybeats Tue 19-May-15 15:03:37


Could you please share your experience with Reddiford school? my son has been offered a place for sept 2015 for nursery and we are very confused.
Many thanks in advance , please share the views.

PR21 Thu 28-May-15 15:57:53

Hi All..
My son's is starting at Reddiford nursery in Sep '15..
He currently goes to a local nursery in Pinner (Cannon Barn) where he's just been moved from the baby room to the Montessori room..
He's Aug born so I am a little worried about how well he will be able to settle in and if staff take ample care and responsibility..
At the moment, he still occasionally needs some help with eating and managing by himself in the toilet. I am hoping that will get better over the next couple of months but despite everything it will be a completely new environment for him..
They expect children to be quite independent it seems, when it comes to eating packed lunches by themselves or going to the toilet..

Am wondering whether anyone has any experiences to share from the early years department, and if staff take proper care... Specially for Aug born children as they will be the youngest and may take longer to adapt..
Many thanks for your feedback/views

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