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Views on Eton end PNEU,St bernards prep and long close school

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mammanbebe Fri 04-Nov-11 11:11:34

Please can you give your opinions on these schools in slough?Iam looking for my DS.There are lots of choices for prep schools in the area but am not considering langley manor and upton court..TIA.

mammanbebe Fri 04-Nov-11 22:21:25


EBDteacher Sat 05-Nov-11 02:23:11

I went to Eton End's open day with regard to my DS. I thought the nursery in particular was great but decided that the preprep does not keep enough boys for it to be a viable option for us. I'm happy with co-ed but don't want DS to be one of only three or four boys in a cohort of 30.

I have chosen (TBC depending on how things pan out as DS grows) the Ridgeway in Maidenhead for preprep to be followed by Caldicott for prep.

mammanbebe Sat 05-Nov-11 12:37:01

Thanks for ur reply EBDteacher..I felt the same about Eton end! From your previous threads,I could see that you were considering gayhurst for your DS..I went to their open day and was very impressed..What do you think of gayhurst?

please can anyone let me know what you think of St bernards prep and long close?

G1234 Sun 09-Dec-12 23:30:31

Hello....I'm also looking for reviews on long close..did u manage to find anything...plz reply...which one did u chose?

TashaTait Fri 08-Feb-13 11:20:08

Try Staines Prep:, my daughters go there and they couldn't be happier! By the way has anyone heard about Langley Manor closing this July 2013?

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