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primary schools in harlesden nw10

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rasberryjam Thu 03-Nov-11 10:31:22

Thinking of moving to harlesden area and would really appreciate any advice from mums living in the area as to the best primary schools but also any other advice such as info on nurseries, secondary schools and the general feel of the area. Are there are any streets that are particularly nicer than others, is there a good community vibe? My children are aged 1 and 8. Thank you!

BarryShitpeas Thu 03-Nov-11 13:20:14

Harlesden is a very busy area and there are loads of schools, some better than others.

I don't know specifics but am bumping for you!

rasberryjam Tue 08-Nov-11 07:10:32

ANY harlesden/Roundwood Park mums out there!?

sugarfoot Tue 08-Nov-11 11:59:42

Not a state primary but a cheap one and very friendly - Maple Walk

rasberryjam Thu 10-Nov-11 17:59:58

thanks sugarfoot. Are you based harlesden way? any views on it?

Emilyscribe Fri 16-Mar-12 16:29:48

Hi RasberryJam,

A Very late response, but I live in Harlesden and love it. My son is at Maple Walk too - great school!

taklimanaj Fri 01-Apr-16 08:27:19

I will be moving to garnet road ? R u people still there? Heard bad about Harlesden Any suggestions?

taklimanaj Fri 01-Apr-16 08:28:36

I am moving to garnet road ? R u guys still there? Heard bad about Harlesden any suggestions?

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