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reading yr2 like blood from stone

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3duracellbunnies Mon 24-Oct-11 17:22:48

Our dd1 is still not enjoying reading. At parents evening teacher said she was happy with where dd1 is, she is level12 ort, trouble is she never wants to read @ home, we maybe get through 3-4 pages a week. What she reads is fine, some words she doesn't know but that is why she is on that level. We're not wanting to push her beyond her ability but she has always been reluctant to read, and just doesn't even want to try. Her teacher says she likes to know she can do something before she tries it iykwim. We have tried incentives. Dd2 in reception loves reading and worried she will soon be bitting @ sister's heals. She does like reading picture books to the LOs, at the moment she has got them to do tidy up time and is reading a book to them in mat time. Should we back off and leave it for a bit or any other suggestions? She has only read one book bag book the past half term.

sarahfreck Mon 24-Oct-11 17:42:21

L12 ORT is at a rough reading age of 9 1/2 to 10 so well above her chronological age. Have you asked her why she is reluctant to read. ORT level 12 may well be too advanced in emotional/interest level as she is only 6 or 7! Can you agree to read something else together (even the dreaded fairy or lost puppy in the snow type books) that she enjoys. You could take it in turn to read chapters or pages. With a reading age 3 or 4 years in advance of her chronogical age, I wouldn't worry too much about the school reading book. There's nothing that magical about them!! What about taking her to the library and letting her choose some books herself that she would like to read, then sharing those with her?

spottypancake Mon 24-Oct-11 17:51:57

Depends what the problem is. Can you talk to her about it?

Does she like the content of the books?

Does she find that they take a really long time to read (purely because of their length - not her level)?

Would she prefer a slightly easier book level for a while where she could manage every single word easily to boost her confidence?

3duracellbunnies Mon 24-Oct-11 17:56:11

She has always been reluctant to read, and yes we're not too worried about where she is just that she won't read. Her main response is that she doesn't want us to stop reading, but we do still read a few chapters of e.g. Narnia books/ rainbow faries. Sometimes with the rainbow faries when she begs for another chapter I suggest she tries to read it but she then says she will just look @ pics. I am worried @ lib that she will get a book she can't read and be more fed up. Forgot to say she is having probs with writing, letter formation, and getting extra support @ school for it. Numeracy is v good and she always seems to hold intelligent and inquisitive conversations, e.g. Is there ever a just war etc. Will try library again tomorrow, gives us a trip out too! Anything else I can do?

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