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How to raise problems with the teacher?

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SeoraeMaeul Mon 24-Oct-11 11:06:12

Long story and don't want to drip feed but equally don't want to bore so I'll try and keep it short....

Since September I've had two meetings with DS's teachers about him. (He's 5 but in the french system so been in FT school since 3). First initiated by them as he was very emotional at school (we've recently moved countires so everything is still strange to him and he is struggling) and second intiated by me as a follow up to see if things were improving.

The second one has just floored me - basically they only had negative things to say about him. He can't cope with the work, he never finishes pieces and they have to spend too much time helping him, he won't concentrate or interrupts and he has poor linguistic skills. They didn't say a single positive thing about him and have singled him out by making him sit on the floor in front of them at story time as opposed to on the benches with the others, giving him smaller pieces of paper to work with. I asked if any of the other kids had this and they said no.

Now in fairness I know he is struggling with writing and he's never been keen on drawing/art etc but at his last school he was pretty average when I compared him to other kids of a similar age - sorry for the generalisation but especially boys. But he has always been very articulate and confident speaker and at his last school never had a problem with concentration etc. I told them all of this but they seemed pretty set in their views.

I have spoken to him - very low key trying not to lead him. He says he's "scared" of the new teacher - I think he means more nervous. He is always being told he "isn't good enough" and "can't do things" - I couldnt work out if this was the teacher or other kids. Anyway cue one very sad little boy who is rapidly losing confidence. I can't help but think he was labelled hard work at the start and his nervousness around the teacher is making things worse.

I want to speak to the teacher again - and will be waiting until the first official written report comes out in about 10 days time as I felt that would help it be more structured and I do know there are areas he needs to work on. But somehow I want to bring up that I think there needs to be a change in how they deal with him or at least find a way to get a better relationship. I can just see this becoming a vicious circle. I know he needs time to adjust after the move but I can't help but feel by the time we get there he'll have lost all his confidence and be even more discouraged.

I'd really like to hear of anyone elses experience - or even teachers who've had this type of problem and how they felt when the parent brought it up. How do I get his across without it sounding like he's a PFB and I think its all their fault - which I don't although I do think some of it is.

SeoraeMaeul Mon 24-Oct-11 11:06:38

Sorry failed at keeping that short blush

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