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Is it normal to get the same book twice?

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SixthSenseofEntitlement Fri 21-Oct-11 22:43:52

DD1 has just been given the same book that she had three weeks ago - "six in a bed" from ORT level 1. She only gets one book a week, so still knows this one off by heart, can read with expression, etc. FGS, it is only the names of the characters, and she knew them in the first week of school!

I would be more than happy for her to not move through levels or anything before she is ready, but she has only had three books, and is now back to the first one. Surely this isn't normal?

academyblues Fri 21-Oct-11 22:57:06

This doesn't sound planned. The teacher/TA should have checked in her reading record which books she's already read.

Ask for another one after half term and mention it at parents' evening....

SixthSenseofEntitlement Fri 21-Oct-11 23:08:10

Today she has been independently writing things like "Won day I went to school and I said Helloo." so I know she is pretty confident literacy wise, and of course she has books to read at home, but I'm just wondering if perhaps I have missed something that I should be helping her with...

Iamseeingstars Fri 21-Oct-11 23:40:01

could be that the reader/listener hadnt checked previous books

could be that your dd was given the option of choosing a book and children like to pick books they recognise

I expect it is an oversight rather than deliberate. But if it happens again, ask for the book to be changed.

School reading schemes can be very hit and miss and I would just encourage variety and choices at home and from the library. SOme schools change books regularly, some schools might change them once a month.

SixthSenseofEntitlement Sat 22-Oct-11 23:50:03

Ok, so tonight she read three books of tge same level (we just got the ORT read at home set off book people) with no prompting, on sight, to a room of 6 adults and her baby sister ('bedtime story'). It's not a problem with her reading, so crisis over. School are just going to have to get on with whatever they do, and we will get on with it at home.

I still dislike ORT - usborne very first reading is better, but doesn't have as many books.

Sigh. It's such a minefield, isn't it ?

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