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Vtech Innotab for 7 year old?

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bubbles1112 Thu 20-Oct-11 20:17:34

Hi, I know this isn't a ver schooly question but I need opinions on whether people with experience of a Vtech Innotab will hold my 7 year olds attention until she's 9 (as it says) or waste of money! She's fairly bright and I'd like it to last a while. If people think know does anyone know of something similar but better for her age?

bodiddly Thu 20-Oct-11 20:59:40

I think it depends whether you anticipate her using it for music, watching films, games, reading etc. Im not sure if it would last until age they are probably into something else by then. My ds is having one for Christmas and he is 6.5. I wondered about the age on it but think it will be good to be able to download smaller educational games like apps. My ds is always trying to play games on my phone so I think he will like this. He will love being able to have his own music on there and maybe even audio books and films. I don anticipate it lasting him that long but will sell on at that point!

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