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wwyd? Advice please! Is the grass greener?

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reallifegetsintheway Wed 19-Oct-11 21:03:43

DD is in Year 1 at outstanding Ofsted infant school. Doing very well and is very happy. She had an excellent report parents' evening. Her brother has settled well in nursery.

We have been offered a place at a primary school (good ofsted) so obviously up to year 6. Our junior school options are limited, unless we take a chance at Year 3 that the primary school will have places or go over 30.

Thank you.

IndigoBell Wed 19-Oct-11 21:46:23

If you have nowhere to go in Y3, I'd take the primary place now.

But where do the other infant kids go?

reallifegetsintheway Thu 20-Oct-11 09:18:31

Thank you for replying. Have been reading other thread on infant vs. primary. I agree with your thoughts on why an infant school is better.

The infants go to 2 other junior schools. One has outstanding ofsted but now has linked in with its infant school and has sibling preference both ways so distance has shrunk massively (we are too far away). Other junior school was nearly in special measure but is being turned around by new leadership team. Have not visited as yet but most parents have good things to say.

Do I take a chance at Year 3?

Further complicated by fact DD went to the nursery at the primary school but did not get reception place.

redskyatnight Thu 20-Oct-11 09:51:43

Similar situation here (except junior option was reasonable). Experience here is that hardly anyone (think I know of 1 person) got places in primaries at the start of Y3, but lots of parents moved their children into primaries during Y1 and Y2. However local primaries have historically been very oversubscribed, so it depends on your local situation.

What would happen with your younger child? Would you be likely to get them at Reception place at the same primary (is there sibling priority)?

Also to say that a school "nearly in special measures" now may well have totally turned round in 2 years time - I think a school on the up is always going to be a good one.

I think I would visit your junior school and ask pertinent questions. And then make your decision based on whether you are filled with confidence for the future or not grin From the information you've given I would tend to be sticking with the infants/junior option and giving the junior a chance (though that's partly because I prefer the infants/junior model too).

reallifegetsintheway Thu 20-Oct-11 14:11:03

TQ redskyatnight for your thoughts.

Have been to revisit the primary today ( I have to make decision by the 31st and I am work tomorrow and its half term next week). Decision made!!

I will be turning down the primary place. I found it very dull and uninspiring compared to where she is at now. Lots of display boards unfilled and magnolia walls. Not sure I even want it at year 3!! The Head said the best thing about the school was 'the results' and 'the behaviour for a state school'. What about happy children who want to learn??

Will now visit the junior school that is improving and get a feel for that!! I went to a first and middle school(as was) and I did ok! People who did primary themselves tend to prefer that for their children too.
Thank you both.

clam Thu 20-Oct-11 18:14:54

Well, it's your decision of course and you were there at the primary school to "get" your "no" feeling.
But I would point out that at our school all the boards in the communal areas(one per class) have been empty this week as we're in the process of changing a whole-school theme. Deadline is Friday.
Happy children will learn, yes, but who's to say these children are not happy? They must be fairly keen to learn or the results would not be good. And poor behaviour in class (particularly low-level nonsense) is very disruptive to progress.

roadkillbunny Thu 20-Oct-11 18:37:27

If it were me it would be the comment 'good behaviour for a state school' that would have put my back up and made me not really want to send my children there and then add the best thing being results says all I would need to know about what my children's learning experience at the school would likely be.
I think you have made the right decision OP.

reallifegetsintheway Fri 21-Oct-11 20:18:55

Clam - fair point about notice boards (my DH said this too). The school in in a grammar school area so their KS2 SATs results also reflect a very high percentage of tutoring- but doesn't mean they are not happy!!But get what you are saying.
I have been reflecting today and agree wholeheartedly roadkill.

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