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Chinthurst School, Tadworth - any opinions??

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Doryzurich Wed 19-Oct-11 20:11:53

Hi there,
I've just done a search on Mumsnet and amazingly there were no threads at all containing this school in Tadworth. Does anyone know anything about it? We're considering moving to the Reigate/Redhill/Bletchingley area and there's quite a lot of info about the other preps in the area (Micklefield, Reigate SM, The Hawthorns) but nothing on Chinthurst....does anyone know it? Is it any good?
Thanks for any insights....

AnotherSurreyMum Wed 19-Oct-11 20:44:20

Our school plays sport against it. We know one family who had their son there. I think it draws mainly from the Tadworth/ Kingswood area, not Reigate/Redhill?

DS says the boys are a bit rough, and cheat at football!

Doryzurich Fri 21-Oct-11 06:43:09

Thanks for coming back to me, ASM. I'm looking at other schools as well, so will bear your comments in mind! have a good weekend

tadworthmum3 Sun 30-Dec-12 00:20:35

Cheat - couldn't be further from the truth. In fact the U7 team this season has had to play the final halves of their matches with only their left feet as to not embarrass and thrash the other teams. They punch way above their weight in all sports and manage to compete with much larger schools because they are expertly coached and start sport in the pre prep. I'm guessing your DS goes to one of the schools with 50/60 in a year compared to our 20/30 who we still manage to beat ? Chinthurst is a magical school where every child is an individual and is currently thriving with a full reception and nursery intake for the next 3 years. Maybe ask the headmasters of St John's & Epsom College how rough the boys are ..... seeing as the Chint boys keep being made Head Boys ! coincidence ?

KJRS Mon 03-Mar-14 15:29:19

Hi i don't really use this site but was warned by the school about some malicious gossip about the school closing. Just that gossip! Anyway saw this post, and felt sad that anyone could describe the children at chinthurst as "a bit rough". I have 3 boys at the school and have always found the children to be anything but rough! They are polite, cheerful and happy kids who genuinely love life at School..its more than we could have hoped for in a school. To call them cheats at football is just a bit odd??? I have watched many matches and just see boys and girls of all ability enjoying their sport. Please see the school rather than read too much rubbish on here!

HiIAmNew00708 Fri 27-May-16 16:11:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

wol1968 Fri 27-May-16 16:21:17

All I remember of this school is the retina-burning shade of emerald green that they had as their uniform circa 1982 (don't know if they still use it?) We used to see groups of them at the bus stop on our way to school on the coach.

luckyone123 Fri 17-Jun-16 12:19:25

HiIAmNew00708 Why do you feel it necessary to post saying a very good school should be shut down?! Why do you feel the time is right to come on here and give your extremely negative opinion after all this time? I think you have an ulterior motive here as you are not doing anyone any favours.

My children are and have been very happy there. The staff have listened to minor issues raised and have acted swiftly, accordingly and followed up with me after. Can't say the same about friends issues with other schools. Most teachers nowadays are required to be multi disciplined and all teachers are very popular with the pupils and parents. Recent results from one of my children's exams show they are well above the national standard, so much so they are a year ahead of where other children of the same year in other schools. There is a dedicated music and drama department with many pupils way ahead of others and one plays in a very large orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. Phd science teacher...under qualified?!

What justification would you have for shutting a school down, gun crime, knife crime, drugs?! Does Chint fall in to this category?! i think not. New parents have remarked at how polite the children are when holding doors open etc. Mine are taught to stand up when teachers enter the room and I have had strangers remark at what polite children I have, credit due to the day to day teaching they get at school and re-enforced at home.

It is quite plain to me that if you were in fact a parent here you threw your toys out of the pram and stamped your feet but didn't get it your own way and off you went to do the same elsewhere where, I'm sure the cycle will continue and you will do the same again on here with the next school, a fine example to show your children.

Finally saying teachers encourage bullying is libellous so be very careful if you every choose to come out of hiding and not be able to substantiate your claims.

kidstaxidriver Fri 17-Jun-16 12:50:27

HiIAmNew00708 - never heard so much rubbish. My son is in Year 6 and about to finish at the school. He received places and scholarships at 3 major senior schools in the area, and has been exceptionally happy there. Yes, every school has it's difficulties, however, from what I can work out this is no different to many of the other local prep schools! If you have worked at the school, you sound like you might be disgruntled for some reason?!

HappyOneTLO Fri 17-Jun-16 12:54:27

Agree with luckyone123. Chinthurst School is amazing. It builds confidence, nurtures the children, teaches them core values and gives them a fantastic education. The school teaches respect for others so there is no bullying. Sad to see people trying to use mumsnet to spread lies.

luckyone123 Fri 17-Jun-16 13:12:21

Thank you MNHQ for removing the malicious and libellous post from HiIAmNew00708.

KazBee Fri 17-Jun-16 23:33:43

Just catching up on my emails and and picked up this conversation, my advice is don't listen to idol gossip come and see for yourself, walk round and ask questions, or go to the website look at the chronicle (news). Our son has been there since 2+ and loves it.
All the independent prep schools in the area are really good for different reasons, different children suit different schools. To quote our last Senior School Headmaster speaking at speech day 'Chinthurst develops rounded, confident and independent leaders that have something special about them'.
So just walk in and say hello!

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