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Problem with DD aged 6, not concentrating

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BimboNo5 Wed 19-Oct-11 09:24:14

On her school work her teacher told us at PE yesterday. She will for example start a task and either not finish it or change what she is meant to be doing half way through. She concentrates very well if its something she is interested in however.
The teacher gave no suggestions as to how to help her concentration though and we came away feeling like there is something wrong with her or the teacher thinks she is a bit naughty.

gabid Wed 19-Oct-11 10:44:07

6 is still very young and in most other countries they start school at 6 or 7 because young children learn best through self directed activities, e.g. you said she concentrates fine if its something she is interested in - so I don't think there is anything wrong with your DD.

My DS (6) is similar he sits there and doesn't listen and is then not sure what to do and chats to his friends. Yesterday, I was in his class for a maths afternoon and I constantly had to move him on, he showed very little independence for a Y2 boy. Last year his teacher kindly gave me a sheet with ideas to help his concentration. They were in essence, reading, puzzles, games (memory, boardgames). DS never liked puzzles or boardgames, so it was of limited help.

On the other hand, he builds amazing things out of Lego, following instruction/or not. We recently watched documentaries about jellyfish and tarantulas and its amasing how he can concentrate, take things in, talk about them and then do drawings with great detail.

vincentvangogh Wed 19-Oct-11 11:57:06

have you had her hearing tested?

BimboNo5 Wed 19-Oct-11 12:39:46

Yes her hearing is fine, as is her eyesight. It seems to be more of a wilful thing than anything else as she concentrates for hours with things she WANTS to do!

iphonemum Wed 19-Oct-11 14:19:39

My DS is the same. He only concentrates when it's something he is interested in. Again I think his teacher thinks he is a bit naughty.

I started giving him omega 3 supplements, not sure if they are actually doing anything.

I am really trying hard at home to get him to do things that he doesn't enjoy, eg colouring, spending about 15 minutes trying to make it more fun/interesting for him. I have also been talking to him about why its important to listen and what he thinks would happen in x situation if he did not listen etc.

They are so young, it will come in time and you are not alone! Obviously teachers would love to have a room full of attentive children, but all kids are different.

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